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Soccer for the Future TODAY!

Janiqueel and Mr C have a look at the SG7 Soccer Academy designed to build soccer skills and determination in the young stars of tomorrow.

I’ve never scored a goal in my life without getting a pass from someone else.

Abby Wambach

Teamwork is the key to individual success. Ask Abby Wambach who recognizes that what happens on the pitch is the result of people working together toward the same (quite literal) goal. Teamwork, as well as individual skill training, is what SG7 Soccer Academy is all about. Coach Ghandour, Founder of SG7 Soccer Academy, explains that the “7” in the name, as well as being an iconic and luck-filled number, has been the designation for some of the sport’s biggest names, David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo come to mind but there are millions of stars and stars-to-be with than number.

Catering to young players from three years old to teens, SG7 Soccer Academy focuses on ball-handling skills and basic movements, especially for the youngest players. For the youngest, once they have their foot on a ball, giving it to another player is a difficult concept to achieve, but it’s crucial – again, ask Abby. Giving the ball to a teammate is not an easy mental leap to make, especially for the very young, who love to run with the ball themselves. Once they make that leap from “ME” to “US”, however, they are ready to appreciate the full dimension of team sports – soccer or a myriad of other team sports.

As far as fitness is concerned, aside from the psychological benefits of teamwork, soccer is an excellent way to keep fit, even for the very young. From Coach Ghandour:  “[Soccer] increases aerobic capacity and cardiovascular health, lowers body fat and improves muscle tone. Builds strength, flexibility and endurance, increases muscle and bone strength.” These physical development side-benefits made a part of everyday life at an early age, will last a lifetime – SOCCER for the FUTURE – indeed!

And that future is for everyone. SG7 Soccer Academy takes responsibility to ensure that every gender is given the same opportunities to learn. Now just a boys team, but plans are in the works to expand to having a girls team, as well. Taking “gender-typical” differences into account, the program seeks to build the same sporting attitudes – teamwork fair play, responsibility, optimism – in all participants.

In a more intensive framework, soccer camps are offered during long school breaks. For 2 -3 hours each day in the 3 – 5-day camps, the players are motivated to develop skills through personal attention and repetition in a unique learning methodology supervised by SG7 Soccer Academy’s head coach. Here, smaller groups can concentrate on key concepts –


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