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IDS Carbon laser treatment Aesthetics review

It sounds vaguely counter-intuitive – applying carbon to the skin to cleanse and renew. But it isn’t. It works. At IDS Aesthetics, a Carbon Laser applies carbon powder to the skin where it is allowed to penetrate deep into the pores. Because carbon powder has extra-strong absorption properties, it draws in impurities in each and every pore, thus reducing inflammation associated with acne and other skin problems.

Once the carbon has done its cleaning job, the laser’s high-energy transmission removes it leaving pores renewed and absolutely clean. There’s more than one type of laser. Using the Q-switched, it treated Janiqueel for wrinkles, pigmentation, dark spots, and acne scars. Even though she has thankfully never witnessed any of these infirmities, it was comforting to know that even the most minuscule marks and blemishes were washed away.

With Carbon!

Breaking the carbon into teeny-tiny pieces and shattering dirt and oil in the process, the procedure stimulates skin cell and collagen fibre renewal as well as repairing elastic fibre. All this while employing skin’s natural repair functions.  

Easy, scientific and effective, Carbon laser treatment at IDS Aesthetics is A NATURAl!

Carbon Laser Aesthetic is the kind of high-technology, scientifically-based therapy I’ve come to expect inside the gleaming facilities of IDS Aesthetics. Cool. clean, and focused on what’s best for their clients, the practitioners at IDS personify professional friendly care. Of course, the office stocks a complete range of skincare products, so once you have consulted with the experts, they can present the best treatments for your individual case. As always, they are happy to work within your budgetary guidelines, as well. 

What I really appreciate about IDS Aesthetics is the down-to-earth, honest, frill-free approach to client satisfaction. Like me, many of the customers want the best skin care at an affordable price and at the least expenditure of time. That’s where the professionals are most helpful – giving advice on how to use the products at home thus maximising the ‘me-time’ paradigm. 

Let’s be honest – I am NOT completely unbiased about IDS Aesthetics. That’s because the treatment and friendly reception on my several visits have been so satisfying. 

Trial visits for Hydro-therapeutics Treatment and Cryo-therapeutics Treatment or Omega Rejuvenate and Renewal and Instant Power Lift are available at greatly reduced cost either (or both!) are an excellent way to be introduced to the vibe of IDS Aesthetics.

I’ve had both. I am a believer!

You can visit for more about their products or if you wish to know more about their treatment that can help your skin!

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