Sound Reducing, Sleep Inducing by DROPNOISE

I HAVE known the silence of the stars and of the sea,   
And the silence of the city when it pauses,   
And the silence of a man and a maid,   
And the silence for which music alone finds the word,   
And the silence of the woods before the winds of spring begin,

          ‘Silence’ – Edgar Lee Masters

Dropnoise is serious about bringing noise relief to their customers.

They offer several devices to help squelch the particular noise pollution that may be the nemesis of a good night’s sleep or a good day’s productivity. Founder of Dropnoise, James Lye, was good enough to supply information by answering janiqueel’s questions. He explains that, for big jobs – retail outlets, schools, factories, shops, F&B, etc. the company employs a scientific process built around C.D.M.R.

C – Contact us and share with us your situation. We will evaluate your situation and arrange a date & time to deploy our team for the noise measurement.
D – Deploy our equipment on the site. We will go down to the customer site, identify the best location to deploy the equipment for the noise measurement.
M – The equipment will be left at the site to measure and capture the noise nuisance.
R – Report generation. We will bring the data back for analysis and a noise report will be generated and given to the customer. Customer may use the data collected and noise report to highlight to the relevant parties in order to achieve a resolution to the noise nuisance they are facing with.

Dropnoise provides specialized noise-related services and products.

We conduct noise nuisance recording for residential clients as well as workplace, boundary and construction noise monitoring (noise mapping) for commercial clients. We are also a local online retailer of noise measurement and control related products.

We work directly with major brands manufacturers as well as sole regional distributors to deliver effective noise-related products to local Singapore consumers.

They are serious when it comes to reducing noise and increasing comfort and safety. Their Mission is based on four cornerstones:

Competent – a Ministry of Manpower approved specialist using National Environment Agency guidelines will visit, record, and advise on prob less and solutions.

Flexible – catering to ‘noise monitoring and recording on 24/7 basis.’

Privacy – Client’s information will not be disclosed without permission.

Transparent – The company promises to be up-front and clear about solutions and cost. ‘No over-promise and no quality compromise.’

James Lye explains the raisin d’être of Dropnoise: ‘We conduct noise nuisance recording for residential clients as well as workplace, boundary and construction noise monitoring (noise mapping) for commercial clients. We are also a local online retailer of noise measurement and control related products.’

Convinced that Dropnoise is a qualified and serious company set on providing noise-reduction strategies for the workplace, classroom, or any other situation where providing a healthy environment solution, I am, nonetheless, more interested in the products that they offer th relate to my quiet to provide ‘a healthy environment’ for myself, family, and especially, Mr. C. He’s the Official Child of, after all.

For individual solutions, the online Dropnoise store presents a wide array of noise dampening solutions aimed mainly (but not exclusively) at infants and kids.

Here’s a selection of some of their intriguing products:

BANZ earmuffs for babies and children. Easily adjustable and foam-filled they come in an amazing array of colours and designs. Should he find himself at the Formula One race in Singapore, Mr. C can be spotted wearing his Camo muffs while expounding on the relative merits of Ferrari and Mercedes engine design.

BANZ Reversible Hats feature splashy designs that kids will like and keep on their little heads.

MY FIRST SUNGLASSES in a Wayfarer design are just too cool. These stylish glasses have 100% UV protection and will be the envy of all of Mr. C’s peers. He’s peerless, but never mind.

BABY SHUSHER, the sleep miracle, produces a shushing noise that soothes and comforts the tiny sleeper unobtrusively.

CLOUD B SLEEP SHEEP, the ultimate sleep companion, does what the SHUSHER does, but in a cuddly little sheep package.

MARPAC DOHM, your best sleep machine. About this product, James Lye says, ‘The brand has been around for more than 50 years. Their sleep devices (such as Marpac Dohm) is one of the best sellers in United States and is certified by National Sleep Foundation of United States.’

MARPAC ROHM is a portable device attractively housed that accomplished what the Dohm does, but in a travelling format.

Interacting with my Lad is the best part of my life. Sometimes, though, this interaction consists of me gazing lovingly while Baby sleeps soundly. Dropnoise helps produce these magical moments.

Sleep soundly. Sleep soundlessly.

Night Night!

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