Styled by Covetella, I had a Ball!

Gown rental made convenient.

As I pondered on how to present myself, the Queen of, on the night of the Galaxy Gala Ball at the St. Regis Hotel, I discovered Covetella. ‘What to wear?’ soon transformed into ‘Which do I choose?’ Should I be in a similar position in the future, I know now that ‘Covetella’s the answer!’

Here’s how it works: “Ready to #getCoveted?’ Is the clever hashtag at The website spells out the steps. Rent by browsing either at the showroom or online. With more than a thousand dresses in the collection – ‘Which do I choose?’ Narrow things down first of all by category – Evening, Cocktail, Daytime, Resort, Maternity, Ethnic Wear, Petite, Plus Size. Visiting the showroom on Henderson Road, I was spoiled for choice. Having visited online, I was prepared for the plethora and diversity of dresses, I had done my homework! I needed something fancy and unique. The Galaxy Ball was a black tie affair, after all. My companion, JKJ, janiqueel Guest Writer, wore the obligatory tux establishing the Queen and Consort vibe.

‘Evening,’ then, was my first narrowing. Intrigued by the ‘Ethnic’ category, though, I couldn’t resist delving into the offerings here. ‘Laced Appliqued Illusion,’ ‘Indian Lehenga,’ ‘Snow Flower Cheongsam,’ ‘Embellished Illusion,’ ‘White Kaftan Gold,’ ‘Empres Bamboo Cheongsam’ – Which do I choose? Noticing my perplexity and commenting on my skin tones and hair color (a rusty red that night) my kindly personal showroom assistant pointed out the ‘Arabic Mermaid Evening Dress.’ My heart stood still. I saw the future and it was ME! My Asian roots in mind, I thought of Mulan. Given the Arabic source of the style, I thought of Scheherazade. But this was a Ball, right? I channeled Cinderella. And the gown had a long train. Perfect for parading around and letting it swing and sway on the dance floor. I was stylin’ believe me!

Source: Kick Sarcoma facebook

Having made the crucial gown decision, the next two steps in Covetella seemed much easier. Whew! Two days before the Ball I picked the gown up all packed and ready to wear. I returned it in four days, although I could have kept it for 4, 8, or 12 days. Alas, this was my only ball in November, so four days sufficed nicely, thank you.

Once worn and wowed, the gown found its way back into the packaging and back to its Covetella home. Pretty easy (emphasis on “PRETTY”).

By the way, Covetella also supplied my shoes – gold strappy heels. Yes, I tried to find glass slippers. Not available; Insurance concerns, maybe? Just as well. My style of energetic dancing would have strained the structural integrity of most glass designs. To complete my accessorization, Covetella came through with a clutch bag into which I tucked makeup essentials, tissues, and my phone. The latter only to capture the moments. Of course, I didn’t check it or do messaging during the evening. Of course not. No, no, not me.

As midnight approached, the ever-attentive JKJ escorted me to a pumpkin-shaped carriage drawn by two handsome steeds for my ride home to the fairytale village of Tampines. Well … he DID escort me to a waiting Grab cab which had me home safe and sound in much less time than the carriage would have taken.

Thanks to Covetella and the Galaxy organizers, my night was a dream.

So I’ll trust my heart, what else can I do? I can’t live in dreams if my dreams are to come true. – Cinderella

Written with help of JKJ

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