TCM Your Tea to Nourish the Qi and feel Calm, Centered and Grounded

Janiqueel finds TCM an appealing introduction to Tradition Chinese Medication

TCM… makes you understand that our bodies are not robots, we need to care for them and nourish them so they can take care of us.

TCM Community Manager, Elle Jacobson

To many of us, even those of mixed Chinese origin, like Janiqueel, traditional Chinese medicine can seem arcane and mysterious. Your Tea Australia offers a convenient and effective introduction to the balance that TCM can help provide. The name, YourTea, speaks to the personal nature of TCM. It’s all about finding what best nourishes the “you” in you.

Here to begin? Elle Jacobson feels that the digestive system, the core to Chinese medicine, is a good focal point or those new to the practice. The Digestive Experience Pack contains digestive herbs, a digestive herbs guidebook and a glass tumbler. Targeting excess Fat, reducing bloating, reducing fluid retention, and alleviating indigestion are the target goals here. Two teabags a day is the recommended portion – once in the morning and once at night. Both cups provide a pleasant, good-tasting pick-me-up to start your day or bid goodbye to a day well spent. In exploring TCM, the term “Qi” is vital. Sometimes defined as the LIFE FORCE or FLOW of ENERGY, Qi “Everything we do impacts our Qi, but none more so than digestion.” A functioning stomach and spleen help to spread the energy in the food we consume. If the flow of that energy is blocked or diverted, energy is also affected.

For men, Your Tea has the aptly named MAN TEA. Aiming at increasing stamina and strength, enhancing energy, calming digestion, reducing fluid retention, protecting cells for damage, and boosting the body’s ability to burn at, the Man Tea does what the Digestive Tea does, but with a herbal blend targeted especially at men’s overall health. Like the digestive tea, it is best consumed once in the morning and once at night. As it soothes, it promotes mental and physical energy. If we feel better, we better occupy our space in the world better. Mind. Body. Soul.

Most of the teas emanate in the mountainous Southeastern Fujian Province of China. “This is where the most ideal growing conditions are for Chinese herbs specifically. We have over 150 very specialized and particular Chinese herbs…” says our expert, Elle Jacobson. This area is the source of over 150 herbs that make their way into the Your Tea blends.

Armed with a little bit of knowledge about TCM and a starter kit of Your Tea blends, you can start a regimen of long-term use. TCM can help the body almost immediately, but continuing the regimen as part of everyday life is the key. “Slow and steady wins the race” goes the old adage. It is good advice for the tyro TCM user, too. Over an extended period, TCM in the form of Your Teas will provide real change for the better. MIND, BODY, SOUL.

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