Seven places to party in Australia

Are you on the look-out for any decent place to dance night long? Well, yes, the various night-clubs all over Australia, have transformed forever! But there is none to be disappointing for your weekend visits here. Multiple international party hubs strictly follow the rules, and the local scenario caters to a warm feeling of unity. Check out Australia’s significant well-publicized lock-out laws. The nightlife in the city is a well-traversed one. It instead paves the way towards the onset of exciting party culture. Check out the cherry-picked ones of seven party places, in and around Australia. Read out the party guide to join the hip-and-happening party animals.

Revolver Upstairs, Melbourne

Famously known as Revs, the Revolver Upstairs at Melbourne will take you on a Friday spin! Treat your soul with deep-house music and the heart-throbbing techno. The entire dance music is under the able control of the internationally acclaimed DJs. Move inside, during any weekend, to get the real flavor. The interiors resemble a cage. Sounds eerie, right? Well, in an authentic manner, it is an enclosed booth with the DJs playing all international dance numbers. They are set in between the main dining area. Dig in their Thai specialty, which you will get during ‘happy hours’ of the day.

Revolver Upstairs is a sprawling licentious place, sandwiched between the scrubby and the beautiful. It is a perfect balance between both, aided with complete clubbing hours. If you plan to get spoilt for the night, head towards the floor upstairs, playing the host to certain wild music bands in town. In short, Revolver Upstairs is slightly loud and fashion-oriented. And the super-charged! And more than attractive, this party hub is none other the ‘happening’ party destination, at your service.

Sub Club, Melbourne

Who can overlook the basement night-clubbing area of Sub Club? Situated on the lanes of Flinders Court, this never makes anybody disappointed. The entire club, chiseled out from a bank’s locker room, gives out a Tresor effect! They take extra care to cater to the various requirements of their customers. Plan to voyage around the entire Australia, in your rented four-wheeler with luggage stacked on the gutter mount roof rack? Take a small break at this place. Once inside, head towards the base to witness the real party people. The environment-laden sounds of bass, techno, and electro transmitting, transform this entire Sub Club into a social beast!

Chinese Laundry, Sydney

The longest-running party club in Sydney, Chinese Laundry ranks as the highest-selling entertainment arena. Ranking number 82, the place has a couple of intimate rooms, along with an outdoor terrace. Right from electro, techno, rock, pop, and jazz, this place is a wholesome package in itself. Whatever amount you search, none of the party places at Sydney caters its guests with so many musical genres at one go! The blaring music, dim-lights and plush seating areas will always lure all, at one go. Do not forget to sneak-peak into the ‘beer garden,’ offering fantastic beer varieties. While planning to visit this particular party place, be monetarily sound. Though with a guaranteed great night, the drinks sold here are very costly. Barring this, the cozy ambiance, and most importantly, the old washing machines stand as the attractive-quotient. Yes! You thought it right. They are the highlighting aspect of the entire party venue. Visit in your smart casuals to sit down at one corner, and admire the people around.

Prohibition, Brisbane

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Fortitude valley’s Prohibition is a noted nightlife district, having been designed according to the 1920s theme. The entire area reflects the right amalgamation of aesthetic design, along with a modern twist. The hanging LEDs highlight the dance floor while illuminating the party beneath. Various renowned rock bands and techno groups chose the place to showcase their talents. While at this place, you ought to have a feeling of being drifted to the world of the 1920s. The location is unlimited fun, with an exciting twist. Time travel to the world of ecstasy tasting the various cocktails, like ‘The Peach and Passionfruit Rickey’ and the ‘Du Pont Daiquiri.’

The 1100 square feet dance floor, with well-designed three different basement areas and the main hall, give birth to an easy-going takeaway bar. The exclusively-made VIP lounge caters to the societies’ who’s who. Be at ease with the shaken and stirred concoctions, and techno dance numbers. The considerable cocktail range is an honor to the time-worn tipples, dating back to the early 20s. Get well-geared to get into the groove of the magic numbers playing and making the heads spin with happiness.

Fat Controller, Adelaide

Fat controller in Adelaide is a flexible and wild party destination. The interiors scream with rawness. Once you step inside, the steel-cage barriers act as a big surprise, along with the under-ground vibes. All the performing artists are well-acclaimed ones in the music industry. Instead, their music is quite revolutionary, for Adelaide’s music domain. And, most importantly, the artists’ friendly and informal with their fan-followers. It thus shows a singular vision of any celebrity’s personal life. 

Fashionably, it resembles a rock club, instead of a dance club. Get the electronic music tickets bookings done right at the entrance. And, experience the series of live performances and other club gigs.

Home, Sydney

Sydney’s Party station and the super-club Home is famous for its location. Overlooking the Darling Harbour, it is a vast building covering the entire three floors and the water-front terrace regions. Like any other right Australian party locale, the music policy here is generally broad versioned. Try checking out on their website to get a knowledge of what is on your plate for that particular evening. Starting from retro to electro, house to techno, and the seasonal liaison into r&b and pop music. This party destination is an all-inclusive and broad musical shrine. Many celebrities and page three socialites are the regular visitors of Home.

When in Sydney, plan to visit the club during the weekends, especially Fridays. These days solely dedicates to international trance music, played by famous DJs from all over the world. The relaxed dress code and the informal and good crowd will never upset you. Hop-in to experience the good vibes!

Moreover, Sydney’s Home is getting better as the weeks advance. This party zone is well-catered with multiple screens, laser-shows, killing sound systems. The club comes under the legal jurisdiction of Australia. So, the management never does any foul play concerning the security system. Visit this place with high hopes. The entire team will never disappoint you.

The Night Cat, Melbourne

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Take a detour from central Brunswick Street, and the Night Cat stands tall amid all the other party pubs. It is a modern-day jazz club, catering to all age groups. The happy times initiates from late Thursday night till Sunday early morning. This party hub in Australia’s Melbourne provides all sorts of cocktails, coffee, or even tequila shots! The well-designed dance floor attracts a trendy and hipster crowd. Generally, the class of people dancing are all approachable who are basically in search of good times. Set your moves and keep on grooving on the catchy dance numbers. The mood gets well established with the ‘retro-themed’ lights, old-fashioned furniture, and, most importantly, the checkerboard flooring.  The dimly-lit boudoir of the band venue gives out an electric vibe. Most of Melbourne’s Fitzroy gather here to enjoy their time to the fullest. Right from funk, to reggae and jazz music, diverse genres of music set the party mood right. Usually, there are no entry fees, but you have to cater for your drinks and other eats. Many times, especially during weekends, the queue snakes down the entire Johnson Street, and if you are in a mood to shred some cash, you can purchase early-entry tickets! So, once in Australia, do visit this party hub to enjoy the perfect amalgamation of retro and modern.

And later…

After so much of detailing about these party destinations, which one will you be voting for? What all-party hubs will you include while penning down your Australian holiday check-list? Take time out to read into the seven-party places in Australia. It is none but the wildest and happening life you might experience by visiting these places.  Be the real you, and dance to burn the dance floor alive!

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