The Fat Cat food review

The Fat Cat is a casual bistro in the heart of Holland Village, with a wide array of unique and mouth-watering dishes from their Thai, North Indian and Western menus all under one roof. Savour the roasted red duck curry with seedless grapes, honey pineapple and fresh red chili or the seared sea bass fillet bathed in roasted bell pepper sauce, ratatouille and mashed potato or the tender Tandoori chicken with freshly baked garlic naan. Wash it all down with a mug of fresh Hoegaarden beer or a glass of fine wine and leave some space for a scoop of Movenpick ice-cream and a cup of gourmet coffee.

Mango SaladRaw mango was not sour enoughCoriander garnish. Cashew – canned cashews. Maybe can make it more interesting by making caramelized cashews/chilli cashews etc. Red onions. Red chilli not spicy. Mangoes were not fresh and crunchy. Maybe mangoes can be ice cold to ensure they are crunchy. Topped with a piece of fried fish. The fish was good! Flavours were not impactful enough.
Fish Tikka
Great flavor, spicy and chutney goes well with the fish. One of the best dishes served through the night.
Mushroom Soup
Fresh button mushrooms cooked in a hearty creamy soup
Canagasabai Kunalan (on the right) is a retired Singaporean sprinterrelay runner, former footballer and educator, widely regarded as one of Singapore’s greatest ever athletes. His daughter, Gina, runs The Fat Cat!
Hot pot clams
Clams Topped with Cheesy bread.
Spring onion and coriander garnishing.
Liquid – contain chili onion coriander
Clams were not too exciting, the liquid at the bottom was good and flavorful, slightly spicy and salty.
Grandma’s egg tofu and minced chicken ball soup
This dish is categorized under “For the Kids”. Looks bland but taste decent. Janice ordered this because she wasn’t feeling very well.
Spicy with a kick. The prawns were decent. Soup was simple and not too complex. Clean flavours. Might want to provide a choice for normal and extra spicy. Remember to ask for less spicy if you cannot take spice in general!
Lemongrass coriander chillipadi ginger flavors well executed. One of my favourite dishes of the night. Went for second serving!
Chicken Masala & Aloo Gobi
Authentic home made Indian flavours, light on the oils and butter. Well-cooked soft cauliflower and potato soaked up the flavours well. A little salty but it goes great when consumed with the naan. The chicken masala was great! Chicken is well done and not overcooked like other restaurants usually do. Not too spicy and light on the palate. A must try with the naan!
Chicken Masala
Aloo Gobi
Soft and chewy fresh oven baked garlic naan. True to the authentic flavours. Garnished with a generous serving of butter.
Pineapple rice
Mix of fluffy turmeric yellow rice with sweet corn kernels, raisins. green peas
, pork floss ,omelette pieces. A sweet serving!
Very simple. Salt, pepper and butter. A simple tomato based topping. Cooked just nice though.
Beef curry
The beef was soft and tender. 
Lamb Shank
The sauce glazed over the lamb was good.
The Fat Cat
17D Lorong Liput
Singapore 277731
Tues – Thurs: 12:00 – 2:30pm & 5:30 – 11:30pm
Fri – Sat: 12:00 – 2:30pm & 5:30 – 12:30am
Sun: 12:00 – 2:30pm & 5:30 -11:30pm
Puuurfect (Happy) Hour: 12:00 – 2:00pm & 5:30 – 9:00pm
Tel: 6465 1107
Photos and review by Diana.

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