The Gnome and Bow Story Continues

The deliberately classic and minimalist design of the small leather goods serves as a canvas for the user to tell his or her story through the monogramming of creative monikers and quotes.

Previously written and commented on this audacious leather goods company, its strange name, its unique concept, and its unique attitude to traditional branding and sales. Quanda Ong, the founder of Gnome & Bow, is committed to presenting high-quality, high-end leather goods couched in stories.

It’s that last bit that grabs the attention. Couched in stories? What’s that all about? Suffice to say though that a literary angle is never far from the birth of the bag, wallets, bracelets, cardholders, and luggage tags.

Gnome & Bow products are superbly photographed – you can almost feel the texture of the supple leather. By the way, in answer to janiqueel’s animal rights-themed question, Quanda Ong explained that “No animals are harmed in our manufacturing process.”

Thus assured, the launch of the AW18 | Your Story Small Leather Goods Collection is an exciting sequel to the Gnome and Bow story. “Your Story as the name suggests focuses the attention this on the user’s story.” What makes it personal? Mainly an enhanced monogramming service featuring two fonts – Huxley and  Bernhard. Both are available in 1, 2, or 3-line formats. Let your imagination flow fitting long or short names and even quotes onto the pallets of small leather accessories.

Those accessories are exquisite. Attention to detail is the key to the elegant look and feel of each. The aptly named Gulliver luggage tags, for instance, come in two sizes and three handsome colours – Black, Oxblood and Royal Blue – colours repeated in other products in the AW18 line. The appellations for of the product line are evocative of travel, adventure, and of course, the story. Jules, Elwyn, Griffin, Walt, Smith, and Ralph join Gulliver for the ride.

  • Jules for the passport wallet with space for the eponymous credential as well as slots for cards, compartments for two currencies, a zippered pocket, and an ingenious slot for a SIM card and a pin needle.

  • Elwyn is a classically designed billfold with or without a pocket for small change of the metal variety.

  • The Griffin is a smart little card wallet designed to impress. With a quote monogram, it could be a conversation starter.  

  • Even simpler, the Walt card sleeve is slim, minimal, and conveniently tuck-able.

  • To accessorize the adventuring storyteller, Smith and Ralph woven leather bracelets adorned with a tiny amulet bearing the image of the trademark Gnome with his iconic Bowtie. In my imagination, I give him impish qualities beneath his conical chapeau. With the gift-giving season in mind, I’d like the red Smith bracelet, please.

Adventure is afoot. Let the story continue!

Take, if you must, this little bag of dreams;

Unloose the cord, and they will wrap you round.

William Butler Yeats

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