The Milky Way Tanglin Halt Road

The Milky Way is located at 48 Tanglin Halt Road. A location least expected by many. This area is surrounded by hawker places and old shop houses.
It was my first time to Tanglin Halt road as I stay in the east. It is safe to say there is close to zero competition around this area and I believe The Milky Way will do well. 🙂
The homemade waffle is crispy and there is a wide variety of homemade ice cream that goes well with the waffle at a decent price.

A plain waffle cost $5. A scoop of regular ice cream cost $3.30 and a scoop of premium ice cream cost $4.

A cuppa coffee with pretty latte art specially made with love by Renfred cost $4 onwards.
Renfred Ng is such a talented barista! Keep up the good job! 😉

The Milky Way

48 Tanglin Halt Road
Singapore 142048
Do drop by and give this young entrepreneur some support!

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