The Next Big Food Thing – NEXT MEATS

Janiqueel makes the “NEXT MOVE FROM MEAT” for better health and animal kindness.

Animals are my friends–and I don’t eat my friends. 

George Bernard Shaw

You would have been hard-pressed a decade ago to find a restaurant in Singapore that featured plant-based options to beef or other animal-derived meats. Now? You’d be hard-pressed to find a dine-in menu that doesn’t have non-animal alternatives. Some – the Privé Group comes to mind – have a range of vegan and vegetarian choices on offer. More and more restaurants are joining the trend. Janiqueel applauds. I’m moving, slowly but surely, toward meat substitutes that don’t originate in animal cruelty. As in restaurants, groceries are also offering non-animal-based selections. Just introduced to NEXT MEATS, is the world’s first company that has developed the plant based meat for Yakiniku, I’m excited to explore the new products, recipes, and health benefits. No animal suffered in all items.


Developing a plant-based YAKINIKU can’t have been easy. Like all of the Next products, the yakiniku selection contains about 1/4 fat and twice the protein of traditional meats. Because it focuses on drawing our the flavour of the meat, yakiniku is a natural for outside BBQs or as a table-top extra-special treat. “No palm oil or white sugar processed using bovine-derived bone char is used.” That’s a further incentive for switching to NEXT MEATS for your next Japanese BBQ. Retaining the texture and flavour, the plant-based option tastes good, smells good, and makes the perfect platform for your favourite sauces and condiments. Usually, I have soy sauce and sesame oil on hand, but I’m not afraid to branch out with, for instance, mustard. Poupon; Whole Grain; Dijon; Spicy Brown. Hey, we’re just getting started. Be adventurous! Be not afraid! 


And that’s just mustards. Chilli sauce, BBQ specialities, and Cajun flavourings are waiting, too. In preparation for the grill, try your marinade with NEXT MEATS. No worries – the texture and consistency of the meat are well-adapted to whatever marinade concoction you come up with. Cooking NEXT MEATS on the tabletop, using one of those handy canister gas grills, you’ll be surprised at the aroma and at the appearance of your meal. You’ll be comforted knowing that what you are about to eat is ecologically sustainable and that animals would approve. Just ask them!

Special “Next Curry X Demon Slayer” edition

Yakiniku is certainly the premier product of NEXT MEATS, but not the only one. With a special “Next Curry X Demon Slayer” edition, contained in a boilable pouch. You just drop it into boing water for a few minutes, have a bowl of nice, flavourful rice on hand, and enjoy a nourishing, cruelty-free meal or snack. It’s easy. It’s quick. It’s SOOOOOO GOOD! 

As you may have guessed, NEXT MEATS offers patties, as well. Frozen and bun-sized, they, like the yakiniku meat provide the perfect platform for onions, tomatoes, pickles, ketchup, mustard – stop there – it’s going to fall over! Might I suggest some potato wedges to complement? And a fresh salad? I like a hearty whole wheat bun or even a crusty baguette sliced to fit. Getting hungry yet?


I’ve heard that the most effective action an individual can take to help sustain the environment is to give up eating beef. Doing so may not sound easy, but once you’ve launched your individual quest, you’ll be surprised by how tasty plant-based meals can be. NEXT MEATS, available in many Singapore groceries and restaurants is here to help. There’s about a billion head of cattle in the world. That’s a lot of cows. I’ve visited feedlots and seen, on film,  the way they operate – NOT a pleasant experience for the viewer and certainly not for the cows. Take a step into a kinder world. Make your next meal the NEXT meal. Your animal friends will love you for it.

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