The Play Instinct on DisPLAY. An I-Opener Revisit to PLAYEUM

Janiqueel and JKJ return to Playeum in Gillman Barracks for the soft launch of I-Opener: Play with the senses.

The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct.

Carl Jung

“Artful play“ is a phrase used in describing the vision of Playeum. It’s an apt encapsulation of the experience of visiting the Playeum space, part of the Gillman Barracks art and design world. We were there for the soft launch of I-Opener, another tricky phrase. The purpose was to open the eyes of the young visitors while, at the same time, opening the ‘I’ within. I brought the pre-toddling Official Child on my last visit. His baby eyes watched the performers and creators with rapt attention, but without physical engagement. Come June, I can’t wait to return with the two-year-old young explorer and watch him reach for the many intriguing playthings on awaiting ‘…the creation of something new.’

I-Opener is all about sensory interaction with space and materials. Here’s a quick primer on what to expect on your visit. By the way, there is nothing stopping visits without children. The experiences invite participation by free-thinking adults as well as their younger innovating companions. It’s all about losing oneself in play. Even JKJ, no youngster, saw opportunities for getting lost in a sensory land of surprise and discovery. Here we go:

  • Clement Space designed by autistic artist, Dr. Dawn-joy Leong, is a white world where kids can change the movable elements creating their self-designed spaces.
  • Cavan Scope is the eponym for a space inspired by Cavan Chang in which he invites to create collages to “…explore the mysteries of sight and illusion through eye-tracking.”
  • SOLScape was inspired and built by Sol Pickens a young sensory explorer with autism. Sol makes two-dimension drawings come to life in three dimensions – magic!
  • Poetree is the brainchild of a poet with Down syndrome, Jo Devadson. Found all around the exhibition, Poetrees has fun with books and expression.

The following play areas were created and designed by Din Chan, Imran Mohamad, and Dr. Esther Joosa:

  • Eye-track Painter where colorful collages are created just by letting eyes roam.
  • Tyre Light Play Projection – you think you are moving colored shapes around on a glass top housed in a giant tyre. You are, but LOOK UP, there is a surprise on the ceiling.
  • Hologram Projector – As the name implies, three dimensions ar at work here.
  • The Colour Cave – an eclectic blend of textiles form the basis for further exploration of Cavan Chang’s world.
  • The Nook – A cozy space apart where young minds meet, greet, and create.
  • The Maker Space – This space is at the heart of Playeum. It exemplifies what creative play is all about.

To visit Playeum is to be inspired to create and explore. The open-minded designers and directors are an inspiring and inviting crew of educators with a fresh approach.

Especially if you can bring along a young daughter, son, or friend, DON’T MISS IT.

Anyone can help support the wonderful play that Playeum offers to one and all. Aptly named, the Play-It-Forward Fund is the channel to directly donate to the good work …er, good play that happens everyday at Playeum in Gillman Barracks.

It’s easy to do – just visit:

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