Charity Begins at Home

Janiqueel and Mr. C don black and white for a colorful evening of charity.

The Sarah-Grace Sarcoma Foundation is a charitable non-profit organization that was created to address the lack of high-level research in order to improve sarcoma patient survival. The Foundation has an alliance of researchers, patient groups and medical professionals who aim to understand the origin and course of sarcoma as the majority of sarcomas recur unpredictably to the lungs without prior warning. We also aim to reinvigorate the clinical development of new drugs and new therapeutic strategies.

Mr C running around the house

Serenaded by the jazzy notes of the Nicole Duffy Trio, surrounded by friends and neighbors all dressed in their interpretations of the fashion code: “black and white”, Mr. C and I attended a garden party soiree recently. We arrived intrigued by the venue and the promise of food, drink, and conversation under the stars, and left inspired by the charitable vibe of the event and the attendees. A real gent in his white shirt and casually undone black bow tie, he coolly let other guests vie for his attention and a cuddle. I wore a boldly-printed halter dress held up by a large necklace.

Raffle Hamper
Hello there, Mr C

Aside from the fun and fashion of the evening, what’s happening here and in the other events organized by the Sarah-Grace foundation is that people are gently being made aware of what sarcomas are and how too little attention has been paid to research and learning to increase the survival numbers of those afflicted with this pernicious cancer.

Nicole Duffy Trio

Fat, blood vessels, nerves, bones, muscles, deep skin tissues, and cartilage are tissues and, as such, are vulnerable to sarcoma. The more common form of cancer, carcinoma, affects the bodily organs. Basically, then, sarcoma finds itself in the tissue connectors and carcinoma (notice the ‘-oma’ endings) in the large organs. Often lodging themselves deep in the connective tissues, sarcomas are not always easily detected. Another discomfiting part of their profile is that they disproportionately affect young people. Suspicious lumps are often the first indication of sarcoma.

Oyster Station

Not as extensively researched or understood as other forms of cancer, sarcoma knowledge lags. Hence the vital importance of organizations like the Sarah-Grace Foundation which, through local community events like the one we attended. Promote awareness of the problem and raise funds to carry on vital research. Some of the cutting edge research is being conducted right here in Singapore – National University Hospital and KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

The night we spent with jazz, delightful food (oyster bar!!) and convivial companions highlighted the community feel of the Foundation. To start being a part of the charitable circle visit:

Part of being a person is about helping others.

Regis Murayi

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