Maria Galland Paris Méthode Beauté Active, the Magic

Janiqueel enjoys a hands-on workshop with a Maria Galland Paris trainer, Ms Odile Mennechet, and discovers subliminal beauty.

Healthy skin is crucial for providing the right canvas for applying makeup, to enhance natural beauty and create natural healthy looking skin.

Caroline Fazer

The indomitable Mr. C and I attended a workshop for Maria Galland products. I found the experience with five other testers, intimate, engaging, and fun. He slept. That might have been expected after a rigorous morning of soccer practice. (Yes, he scored several times.) Upon waking he discovered that his mother had a new face. Correction – that would have frightened Mr. C – he found a mom with an improved face. Her skin was re-hydrated, more supple, even more beautiful. Who would have thought it possible???

Continuing the make-up removal, we tried OIL-IN-MILK SUBLIME CLEANSER. It was, well, SUBLIME! Containing sunflower oil, vitamin E, and alga extract, the cleanser got right down to it – restoring my skin’s moisture balance.

“This effective exfoliating cream with microspheres is ideal for those who like the feeling of micro-fine exfoliating particles on their skin,” says Maria Galland. Honestly, I haven’t had enough experience with microspheres to gain a lasting affection for the feeling they produce. Suffice it to say, the GENTLE EXFOLIATING CREAM FOR THE FACE felt damn good. This is the part of the ‘Méthodethat restores suppleness and softness. I might have compared the softness factor to a baby’s butt – I had one handy. Respecting his need for rest, I didn’t. I’m sure, though, the two would have been comparable by any suppleness standards.

Finally, we were given a try with D-TOX PURIFYING MASK. It contains horseradish extracts. Who would have guessed!? A root vegetable finding a new role as a skin purifier washing away pollutants and reducing imperfections. Will wonders never cease?

With that thought in mind, the wondrous Mr. C awoke. His cheeky grin charmed a salon-full of doting women eager to feel his soft, supple skin and compare it to their own. We left happy and rejuvenated.


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