Making Kid Photos Charming and FUN - The Studio Loft Team of Experts

Janiqueel and Mr C visit the Studio Loft and find smiles, cheer, and a team of experts photographers. 

After more than 15 years running our studio, we know what it takes to get kids to flash a smile, mums to relax and even reluctant husbands to kick back and have fun.

Maryann, managing partner and head photographer of The Studio Loft

All kids are cute.
That’s a given.
Yours are the cutest. 
That’s another given. 

Careful, though – they grow up quickly and you must snap as many pix as possible while they are yet so lovably cute. AND find a professional photo studio that specializes in kids – newborns, infants, toddlers, scramblers, and yet-to-be-borns.

Specializing in fun and smiles, the all-women Studio Loft team were ready to charm Mr C and me. We missed Irene (she was off that day), but JY and Valerie took over providing toys and waving banners to get Mr C’s attention. Imitating the banners with his arms and grinning broadly, the young lad was a superstar photo subject. At least I thought so, and I’m totally unbiased, of course. Having seen the fun that my son was having, it was no trick to get me to smile when we posed together.

The managing partner and head photographer at The Studio Loft, Maryann is the inspiration behind the all-woman team. Why all women? Because, as the web site explains, it creates “…a safe and nurturing space for women to take their most personal photos”. That philosophy worked for us. Immediately joining in what we perceived as a fun time, rather than an onerous task. Part of the advertising industry for years, Maryann changed directions a few years ago and followed her passion for photography full-time with The Studio Loft. Good decision –  as the awards The Studio Loft has garnered attest. A skilled baker, as well, her clients might well smell delicious aromas wafting around the studio. Just another reason to smile.

Small families, extended clans, and sibling shots are all catered for at The Studio Loft. In it for the long haul, the team is there for you as you and your child grow and mature. In years to come, nothing is more gratifying than looking back at what you and your child looked like in years past. She/he will have grown and changed while you remain your beautiful, youthful self.

We had a swell time at The Studio Loft and I think you will, too. The team is there to show you that, yes, you have the cutest kid(s) of all!

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