To the Sea – Sharks, Rays, Turtles, and Pirates in Johor

Mr. C and Janiqueel have a sea journey and a lesson in sustainability at Legoland Malaysia

Those who live by the sea can hardly form a single thought of which the sea would not be part.

Hermann Broch

“OH, WOW’” I shouted as I entered the tunnel of Sea Life Malaysia.

“OH, WOW,” echoed my fascinated companion, Mr. C, as he watched the strange creatures sail to and from above and around the eye-popping scene surrounding us. Sharks, rays, and a myriad of other sea creatures swam in a giant tank making us feel like we were in the depths with them. 

Sea Life Malaysia may have been the highlight of our brilliant day at Legoland, Malaysia. But with a two-year-old in tow on a beautiful day, designating a highlight was not an easy task. Legoland Malaysia is a resort and a theme park in one. What makes it special is the attention to detail centered around Lego constructions and colors familiar to any kid who has had the chance to play with Lego bricks. Whether or not your young companion(s) have had the chance, there are now four new building sets designed to capture the vibe of Sea Life Malaysia.

As part of that vibe, the engaging Lego sets aim to capture the essence of the sea and of the atmosphere of sustainability that is a large part of Sea Life. The Rescue Boat Mission, the Lighthouse Rescue Center, the Dolphins Rescue Mission, and the Turtle Rescue Mission, all reinforce the message that the sea is there for all of us to enjoy, but it is in trouble. As I said, this message is a big part of the Sea Life Malaysia in particular and of Legoland in general.

Mr. C and I were guests of Legoland for the Official Opening of Sea Life Malaysia which included a welcome from Legoland’s General Manager, the Chairman of Johor’s Tourism, a tour of Sea Life and a very nice dinner at Bricks Family Restaurant. Some of the features that make Sea Life more than just another mega-aquarium impressed me and wowed Mr. C include:

  • 25vdisplay tanks and 11 habitat zones;
  • the Ocean Tank and it’s thrilling tunnel;
  • An emphasis on the coral reef ecosystems;
  • A behind-the-scenes tour showing animal health-care and food preparation;
  • Interactive, hands-on elements and tutorials throughout;
  • A Johor River area capitalizing on the local element of Sea World;
  • A Malaysian Rainforest exhibit.

BRP was the message – Breed – Rescue – Protect – is the mission that underlies Sea World. Marine biologists, aquarists, and support staff from the Marine animal Welfare Department in Weymouth, UK have all had a hand in ensuring that Sea Life Malaysia and other Sea Lifes around the globe are sustainable and that they exemplify sustainability to their guests. This is not a circus of jumping and cavorting animal performers, this is a well-thought-out representation of ocean life.

The rides and attraction of Legoland are multitudinous. In one short day, we barely touched the surface of what was on offer. Mr. C and I will be back to further explore the world built by Lego. When we do, we’ll lengthen our stay at the Legoland Hotel with themed rooms sporting a king-sized bed for grown-ups and a semi-private “cabin” for the young adventurers. We were in the Adventure room which played on the theme through bedding, curtains, wallpaper, and even Polly the Lego parrot. Young Mr. C was awash in the colorful ambiance.

An easy coach trip from Singapore, Legoland Malaysia offers an eco-friendly watery world to kids and adults.

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