Top 7 stylish bracelets for men to buy in 2019

Women have hundreds of choices when it comes to ornaments. Indeed men have limited possibilities for adorning their body, but some popular trends do exist in men’s fashion. From lenses to footwear, fashion icons introduce new styles every month or so. One of such trending ornaments is a bracelet. Bracelets not only suit on a man’s hand but also enhance his looks.

Many types of bracelets are available on the market for men. The simplest example is a single rigid metal loop known as bangles. Women love to wear bangles, but they are outdated and have served their purpose well.

Read on to know the trending bracelets styles for men.

Men’s Beaded Bracelets

Beads are small units made up of plastic, metals, bones, glass, pearls, or stones. They are available in different shapes out of which round and ovoid-shaped beads are the most popular. Although we can see the references of beaded bracelets in the history of many civilizations, its beauty and charm never declined throughout the years.

Different kinds of men’s beaded bracelets are available on various shopping sites.   You get enough options to select bracelets as per your outfits and occasions. Shiny pearls give additional charm to your streetwear looks. Bracelets can also replace your watches when you are at beach or weekend refreshment.

Classic metal loops bracelets

Women used to wear the metal loop as an ornament in ancient Indian culture, which was later replaced by glass bangles. A modified version of metal loops equally decorates the wrists of men also. These bracelets make their elegant mark. A single color band suits the best. The most common colors for this loop is silver, platinum, and gold. You should not wear a watch above it or put it above the full shirt.

Handcuffs bracelets

Cuff bracelets are similar to loop bracelets, but they are broader with attached inter-lockings. The additional width reflects an aggressive attitude and adds a dashing look to your personality. Funky styled sleeveless t-shirts pair well with cuff bracelets. Chain and skull designs in cuffs have widely attracted men.

Chain link bracelets

This bracelet became extremely famous in the past decades. There would hardly be anyone who has not seen these chain links in their lives. Very often, we see a metal plate or gemstone in its center. It played the role of identification plate during world war. It adds a retro look to your denim t-shirts. A strong personality reflects through these bracelets.

Rubber bands bracelets

Wristbands made from silicone are trending recently. It started to become popular in the 2000s, mainly worn to demonstrate some cause. They create mass awareness and spread the cause like fire. Cancer and HIV were the most common causes initially. But now people show their moods, status, and all possible emotions by wearing the corresponding rubber bands. They are cheaply available. The radium effect introduced into this band created a sensation among children and teens.

Multilayer String bracelets

As the name suggests, it has multiple strands layered one over other. The strands can be of beads or strings or both. Sometimes it signifies friendship and relationship. If you have a simple and satisfying lifestyle, you may look for a single thread bracelet. It matches with plain t-shirts. Multi-stranded strings coupled with leather strips, or breaded strings make your outings stylish, and wrist attractive. Sometimes a name-tag is also attached to these bracelets similar to ID bracelets.

Braided bracelets

Depending on the manufacturer, these bracelets can be single, double, or triple-braided. Mostly it is braided from leather cords. It is available mainly in black and brown, the natural colors of leather. Braiding is an ancient practice, but it holds its attraction. This particular bracelet proves its worth and charm on every occasion.


You always have choices to select bracelets according to your mood and requirements. A mistake in choosing the right bracelets may not be a big deal unless you are too obsessed with your looks. Enjoy fashion and experiment with different kinds of bracelets. The clothing fashion changes regularly, but the bracelets remain still. Be updated with your stylish bracelets.

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