Tooth care tips to keep your toddler’s teeth in tip-top shape

Babies are a bundle of joy. They have the power to attract even the saddest person in the room and fill him with joy. Their innocence and cute giggles are a sight to behold. Sometimes, the reason for our happiness needs compassionate care. It is necessary to bring special attention to their developing teeth to preserve their smile. In this article, we are providing some of the best ways forward to ward off teeth-troubles and how parents can keep their toddler’s pearly whites healthy.

1. Self-Inspection

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It is said that well-begun is half done. But the moot question is– where to begin? To answer it in short–start with yourself. A baby is yet to understand when and how he is in potential trouble. Hence, parents have to remain vigilant and should always focus on regularly inspecting the status of their toddler’s teeth. It involves cleaning their delicate gums and teeth with a clean

cloth and checking for any signs of tooth decay, whether the baby is eating any acidic/sour & sweet stuff frequently or any habit which might prove harmful in the long run, etc. Parents should also look for any odd behavior or movement of jaws as the baby might be having difficulty in chewing food due to toothache.

2. Visit a Dentist Regularly

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Parents try to do as much as they can to prevent putting their babies in harm’s way. However, there’s still a scope of expert opinion left. In this case, dentists come into play. Routine checkups ensure early detection of any problems related to teeth and save the expenses on their treatment. Sometimes, adults skip their necessary appointments, but in the case of babies, it should not be the norm. While everything looks normal on the surface, parents fail to assess the underlying decay in teeth (especially molar), which might spread to the root canal or a condition known as Hypoplasia (under-developed tooth). If such cases are brought to the dentist in time, he can save the structural integrity of the mouth by fitting a pre-formed resin crown, which is a replica of healthy teeth. Hence, with regular visits and strict follow-up of dentist’s advice, parents can make their kids’ lives easier and avoid complications related to oral health.

3. Introduce Healthy Food Options

Kids love their food to be tasty, and sometimes tasty translates into sweet. A toddler’s digestive system is not as robust as adults, which multiplies the chances of harm. Diet high in salt and sweets not only disrupts the digestion but also corrodes the pearly whites. The deposition of chewy food causes a cavity, which gets worse with time. Therefore, it is essential to remain conscious of such food items. Diet rich in micro-nutrients like vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and fibers are recommended, and to make such food tastier, parents can add delicious toppings of their baby’s choice. Parents can replace fruit candy and gummy bears with real fruits containing natural sweeteners. Parents should make sure that the drinking water has adequate fluoride content as it protects the tooth enamel and fights stained teeth.

4. Keep The Stuff Withing Baby’s Reach Germ-Free

Whenever babies encounter an object, they immediately stick it into their mouths. While this seems cute and funny, it may lead to unwanted germs and infection. Parents should always make sure that things around the baby are kept clean and germ-free. The same goes for milk bottles and toys. Sometimes, people around also stick their thumbs to the baby’s mouth while playing, thinking that the baby is enjoying it. But at the same time, the life-threatening germs are also working in the background and entering his body. Hence, parents should avoid this from happening.

5. Impart Healthy Habits

Babies are born with an impressionable mind. They learn what they are taught. Hence, introducing them to healthy habits will ease their journey of life, and in turn, parents will not have to force their kids to eat or perform any healthy habit in the future. But what constitutes healthy habits? Healthy habits mean developing conscious choices to do what is right—whether it is brushing teeth twice a day or flossing or preferring fruits and vegetables to fast food. Parents should discourage addictions like sticking milk bottles for more extended periods, eating food past bedtime, drinking sugary liquids and juices in excess or any habit that might prove detrimental to their kid’s oral well-being.


Prevention is better than cure. The ways mentioned above also reflect the essence of this old and tested adage. Parents can save their sweethearts from the pain and discomfort that the treatment brings by following these steps. A kid, free from such troubles, is destined to lead a healthy life.

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