Hand Creams offer a Chance to Thank our Hands

Janiqueel reviews the newest offering from the respected brand, HUXLEY – Hand Creams inspired by the Moroccan Desert

One hand I extend into myself, the other toward others.

Dejan Stojanovic

Janiqueel.com has previously reviewed several of Huxley skincare products. There are many products. Arranged in groups of “Routines” the Huxley website highlights many of them. The routines include:

Toner; Deep Cleansing; Hydration; Antioxidant; Extra Moisture; Brightening; Spa; Sheet Mask; and Sun Body

Berber Portrait

Each routine is built around sever individual products. Having tried several of the routines and products, Janiqueel can confidently report that the quality products are formulated to keep the promises they make. Born in the Moroccan desert, all the products contain PRICKLY PEAR which “…has been shown by various studies that its seeds and stems are filled with Vitamin E that can help to heal wounds… reduce redness and slow down the breakdown of collagen – essential in the battle of aging.” Take that, Aging!

Blue Medina Tangerine

Into the Huxley family of healthy skin products comes a new line of hand creams with captivating names – “Moroccan Gardener”, “Berber Portrait”, and “Blue Medina Tangerine”. Each has its own inspirational image and scent:

  • Moroccan Gardener – A blend of wildflowers and trees with a musk undertone. Riads are traditional homes build of red clay usually with a central garden of flowers, trees, and a fountain.
  • Berber Portrait – Named for the free-spirited desert denizens who navigate the vast arid expanse finding water and the smoothest dunes in unlikely places. Sweet vanilla balsam with notes of patchouli cedarwood, and rose above a musky balsamic undertone.
  • Blue Medina Tangerine – Images of blue stucco walls and orange tangerines. Layers of blue paint bespeak the passage of time – desert time, Moroccan time. Fruity and woody, the scent is tangerine (of course), grapefruit, bergamot swirling around the pepper, cardamom, jasmine, and geranium notes above an amber, moss, honey base – aromatherapy in your hands to carry throughout the day.

In our city-world of air-conditioning, detergents, and various pollutants, our hands work and play and feel for us. Huxley had given us the chance to repay our faithful companions.

…we find only one tool, neither created nor invented, but perfect: the hand of man. 

Julio Ramón Ribeyro, Marginal Voices: Selected Stories.

Writing and Research help from the hand of JKJ

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