Trick Eye Museum at Resorts World Sentosa

Annyeong Haseyo!!! Much thanks to Janice for offering me passes to #TINBOOST’s Night event allowing us to experience the World’s Best 3D Museum – Trick Eye Museum which opens its door at Resorts World Sentosa’s Waterfront from 8th June 2014! This new attraction is easily accessible from the Sentosa Boardwalk, located minutes from the entrance to the integrated resort. Operating daily from 10.00am to 9.00pm, visitors to the museum will journey through six themed zones, titled World of Masterpieces, Safari Kingdom, Stars of Circus, Dreams of Fairytale, Love in Winter, and Adventure Discovery.

As the first overseas venture of the renowned South Korean gallery, the museum features about 100 paintings and optical illusion installations. More than 50 artworks were created specially and adapted for the Singapore gallery, including the original pieces such as Merlion Boat and Horse Racing!

Love this horse-racing pic captured!

Visitors will be awed to the circus theme exhibits when entering the museum..

And there is also a giant baby sculpture holding on a cage – this is the first time this exhibit is being displayed.

Big Baby caught a Small Baby

Imagining himself sitting on a beach chair when he is actually sitting on the floor..

“Mind sharing an umbrella?”

Dal and me went there together.. Us being here for the first time wasn’t sure where to go to after exploring the circus theme, till we saw this huge open book.. Probably a secret passage to more discovery..?

Indeed, a lot more artworks awaits..

Got lifted up by a magician, with Dal assisting him.
But the magician turned him into a tiny one after that..
and was locked up in a small cage,
we were then being sent to a whole new place so magical we couldn’t believe our eyes!
Experiencing going up and under..
Almost got attack by a shark,
The dolphins saved me and was picked up by strange animal who ride on a motorcycle, 
off we go into the woods! 
Finally saw Dal at a village, but we wre separated by lava..
He decided to risk his life by jumping across, so that we can be together again..
no, the story doesn’t just ends here..
we then arrived at a beautiful lake on a huge swan,
Met a friend along the way,
and even celebrated Christmas before we were transported back to the reality.

Besides original artworks, the museum will also be home to popular art pieces replicated from the South Korean gallery, including Angel’s Wings, Moon over the Sky and Human Cannonball.

Both of us are sincerely thankful for this invitation to this lovely wonderland!

“We are excited to extend our reach to Singapore and it is a great honour to be collaborating alongside Resorts World Sentosa in this much anticipated project,” said Ms Sujin Oh, Curator of Trick Eye Museum. “We are looking forward to sharing our wonderful works of art based on Trompe-l’oeil. Our greatest fulfillment will be the looks of awe and amazement on people’s faces. Trick Eye Museum will be a perfect addition to the family-friendly attractions in the resort.”

“The opening of Trick Eye Museum provide opportunities for guests to bond, create moments to remember and share for a lifetime with their loved ones.” We noticed different groups of people will come together and help one another in capturing the best moments of others, irregardless of who and where they come from! To complement the opening of Trick Eye Museum, more Korean-themed F&B and retail concepts will also open at the Resort’s Waterfront, creating a Korean cluster. Opening in the third quarter of 2014, Insadong Korea Town will feature a Korean market-place concept offering a variety of authentic Korean F&B specialties, street food, as well as hand-made Korean trinkets, cosmetics and accessories.

Admission ticket Pricing: Adults $25 | Children or Senior Citizens $20Multi-attraction packages are also available. Guests can purchase tickets and packages onsite or online. Website: @TRICKEYE_SINGAPORE

Thank you Meryl from for this review write-up!

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