Wax me with sugar!

Wax Me uses the finest ingredients for superior results. Through careful research and development, Wax me with Sugar products are formulated to be gentle to the skin and provide conditioning benefits. 
Their wide range of collections allow tailored combinations for each customer’s needs. Wax Me product incorporate the complete hair removal concept, which includes pre- and post waxing care products that maximize clients’ comfort.
“Wax Me” premier collection, Wax me with Sugar, consists of 99% natural ingredients. Our product’s unique formulation allows the sugar to seep into the hair follicle and gain a better grip on the hair, reducing hair breakage.
Flexible like plasticine, our sugar is able to adhere even to the finest of hairs while being gentle towards the skin. Being water soluble, sugar is easy to remove, never leaving clients feeling sticky, but clean and fresh!
Why did I choose Wax me with Sugar
It contains natural ingredient and after knowing it is edible, I ate a lot which is not recommended! It also causes less trauma and discomfort to the skin because sugar does not adhere to live skin cells. I am relieved to know that it is gentle on the skin. Gentle enough to go over the same area twice when necessary. Sugar doesn’t dry on the skin hence it never hardens. Furthermore, it is water soluble and easy to clean up.
Wax me with Sugar Original $24.90 
Wax me with Sugar Shimmer Gold S$28,90
Wax me with Sugar Velvety Brown $24.90 

 Services and products are available at Nila Nailspa.

Nila Nailspa
7 Circular Road
Singapore 049363
Tel: 6438 7822 / 9119 7822
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