Truth&All Sunglasses - Something NEW and ECO-COOL

Janiqueel looks (through gradient lenses) at a new range of sunglasses with a conscience.

Fashion shouldn’t cost us the earth. Truth&All is a look good, feel-good purchase not only because we use eco-friendly materials without compromising on style but because we give back through our support of sustainability projects.

Gemma Vincent, Founder and General Manager

Truth&All has a new idea. And we think it’s a terrific one. In sunny tropical Singapore, almost everybody wears sunglasses but we don’t always (or ever) think much about the environmental impact of our groovy accessories. Truth&All has. Without a huge admin team and corporate shareholders, Truth&All has the independence to do business their way. And their way, we are happy to say, is the sustainable, earth-friendly way. 

“..our bio acetate frames are made from renewable sources of cotton and wood and use natural alternatives to plasticizers making them 100% biodegradable under compost conditions.” For users, like you and me, that means that we can sport these stylish shades with a clean (pun intended) conscience. Adding to the socially-conscious DNA of Truth&All is the fact that the glasses are HANDMADE. Yes, HANDMADE. In Greece. Manufactured in a family-run business that promotes fair wages and responsible working conditions. These are virtues that not many sunglasses can tout. Can any? 

Further complementing the eco-vibe of Truth&All is the company’s cooperation with the SEA MONKY PROJECT. Concentrating on plastic recycling, the project is dedicated to plastic education programs centred around machines that process old plastics and make them into forms that can be re-assigned to new products. On Tioman, for instance, the Sea Monkey Project collect ‘ghost’ fishing nets and other plastics to feed to the machines. 

Local villagers became involved in the process facilitating the process in which ‘trash’ is “…collected, cleaned, sorted, shredded, melted and then injected into moulds”. New products are born and become a part of the economy of small island localities. It’s a win-win-win for the local economy, the consumers and the earth. 

All of this revolves around, of all things, sunglasses! Welcome to the future!

Not forgotten in this sustainable story is the stylish appearance of the final product. Many colours are available in four ranges: Turtle, Marlin, Gull, and Dolphin. No accident that the names come for aquatic life-forms. Most of the choices feature gradient lenses which look good and (according to Gemma Vincent) offer protection from overhead rays while enabling the wearer to clearly see objects below eye-level like car dashboards, kiddies, or your current page-turner. Because they have a “long-arm hinges” all the frames can accommodate prescription lenses. 

Available online, of course, you can also see the Truth&All range at several Singapore retailers like The Green Cooperative in Funan, The Social Space at Marina One, and La Tienda on Joo Chiat. 

With a detachable strap and a pocket for little stuff, the smart Truth&All case is a delight, too.

Truth&All – point the way to a sustainable future in plastic products – something new and eco-cool!

Get yours now at Truth&All!

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