Up Dharma Down Live in Singapore

#uddinsg amazing musicians. Completed my Sunday night. Stay tune on www.janiqueel.com for more! ?

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About the venue – Neverland 2 at St James Power Station:
Place is great for chilling, provides a good chilling atmosphere for the relax heart. Great job on the lighting done for the performances.

About the opening acts
Sound is well, sound engineers done a good job on the tone, soothing to the ears and hearts to those who want to relax with drinks and a good dose of music artsmanship.

The music is artistic in a wave, keeps a mix of electronic funk alternatives to jazz base solos. Tightness of the bands are considered good as it shows the unity in their music as well as the great flow of feel. Showmanship is done on a scale that is perfect to watch and feel with the heart. Not too stiff and not too much, perfectly done to show the musicality in their soul.

Music is the language of the soul, it shows and portrays the deepest feelings in the human heart, the bands, done a great work in their songs, tone, and showmanship to fully present that to everyone. However, there are some small mistakes of tone in the intervals between the bands. Other than that, all is well to comment on. Well done.

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About Up Dharma Down
The lighting is great, done with special effects and rhythmic synchronization of the strobe lights, the show is just magnificent.

If you are looking for a mix between the alternatives electronics of 1980s to the alternatives rock that are played nowadays, do not miss this band. Pack with amazing showmanship and strong vocals as it can be easily noticed how well the band harmonizes when they sing. The feel from the music is amazing as it truly shows the soul of the band. The tightness of the band is mind blowing as it sounds as though listening to a solid recording. Reception is great tonight, the crowd went wild from screams to singing together with the band. From my personal experience in the music industry, the tone, the lighting, the music and the showmanship is breathtaking.

This is truly a wonderful band to behold.

Written by Don.

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