Giveaway! Against the Current Live in Singapore

@againstthecurrent is performing tomorrow at @scapesg. Great meeting them today! ??

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Opening act by Sign Of Five:

I am impressed with the great combination and control of the stomp-box pedals that both the guitarist is using. The tone control of the drummer, the bass tone of the bassist, the overall unity in the playing of the guitarists, the vocal power of the vocalist and the overall showmanship in the band is mind breaking as it makes it hard for people to believe that local bands are that good. If this band is going to held their personal concert in the future, I will pamper myself by buying the front row ticket. It is definitely worth it.

Opening act @signoffive at @againstthecurrentny Gravity Tour. ?#atc #supportlocal

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@againstthecurrentny rocking the stage at @scapesg. ? #atc

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About Against the Current (ATC):

Hearts beating fast, emotions being controlled by the flows of the music, these are the signs of a good and solid band when these are happening at a concert. Crazily awesome showmanship and feelings of the band being influenced onto everyone tonight as ATC makes their entrance onto the stage, rocking tears and sweat onto their audiences with their amazing performance. Perfect tonality for the overall unity of the band is already putting an awe to my face, but having strong and powerful voice and spirit? This got to be something great for someone (me) that had been working in the music industry all these years. The lightings and sound tones shows that the sound engineer, the band and the lights man had done their job at the fullest. If you want some personal comments from me, I am only going to tell you that after tonight, I am officially a fan of AGAINST THE CURRENT.

Written by Don.

Giving away an autographed copy of Against The Current poster!

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Giveaway ends on 15th Sept 2015.

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