One Farrer Hotel & Spa


We did the Ultimate Pampering for 165 minutes. This restorative ritual begins with an Aroma Body Silk Glistener followed by an Aroma Back Relief Massages; leading into a Relaxing Aromatic Facial and concludes with a Relaxing Aroma Foot Relief Massage. Total revival of the body and spirit.

One Farrer Spa is definitely the place to indulge in relaxation. They have a variety of amenities such as hot tubs, Steam baths and sauna.Moreover unlike most places there were 2 hot tubs available one of which is a Jacuzzi.

The staff were really friendly and kind to walk us around their place. Engage in conversations when I spoke about the paintings and sculpture around the facility.

Their massage was no doubt top of the whole experience giving me rubs that releases the tensions within my muscles and eases my body, knocking me out to sleep every few moments.

Written by Tan Chi Ying.

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