What we did before the Quantum of the Seas Cruise Ended Abruptly

Janiqueel and Mr C report on their favourite adventures aboard the Quantum – an adventure from beginning to end.

In life, it’s not where you go, it’s who you travel with.

Charles M. Schulz

In the luxury of time, Mr C and I took plenty of it to simply enjoy the thrill of slipping through the sea with the wind in our hair and the sun at our shoulders. Lounging on our deck or on chairs placed up and down the open verandahs, we marveled to be aboard our ‘City on the Sea’ enjoying the cruise from Singapore to Singapore. We had books to read and stories to tell as well as pods to entertain us. Who could ask for more? We could! As much as we enjoyed relaxing with the soft vibration of the mighty ship’s engines in our bones, we had to get up and out and enjoy the myriad options for a cruisin’ mom and lad.

Here are a few of the many activities that tempted us out of our room for two days before the Captain’s announcement of a Covid situation at 2:45 a.m. on the second night. I thought I was dreaming!


Maybe not for the faint-of-heart but, then, no one has ever accused either Mr C or Janiqueel of being trepidacious. With open minds and racing pulses, we climbed aboard the glass pod attached to a one-armed crane and were hoisted high above the Quantum’s deck. Seeing the entirety of the Quantum from a bird’s eye perspective is a thrill. So is watching the sea part far below us. Sensational!


Eager to try it ever since we saw photos in the brochure, we opted for Jamie’s Italian restaurant for dinner on our first day. The ambience is eclectic with tables and chairs arranged helter-skelter in the big, open space. Like Jamie’s restaurants elsewhere (we love the Orchard Road branch), the food is predictably delicious and carefully- crafted. Mr C enjoyed pasta in a light butter sauce – just right for a three-and-a-half-year-old.  Older, wiser, and with a more discriminating palate, I, Janiqueel of the Sea, started with a uniquely tasty Arancini Margherita, then moved on to that staple of Italian cuisine, Eggplant parmigiana. Oh, YES! I had chosen well. Time for a nap in one of those lounge chairs.


Not quite tall enough to meet the FlowRider’s minimum, Mr C watched as his surfin’ mama did some Boogie boarding on the swiftly-lowing water of the ‘Rider. I’ve never surfed, so the stand-up board was just a bit intimidating for me. The Boogie Board, though, was just right and tons of fun. It’s surprised me how long the ride was on the endlessly flowing slope. Afterwards, I felt like I had had a good massage. Time for a snack at one of the many fast-food options.


Do you believe in magic? You might after seeing John Taylor in his illusion show. Mr. Taylor works with boxes, swords, accomplices and audience members to thrill and perplex passengers. Don’t try to figure out how he does it. Just sit back and be amazed. Then retire to your comfy cabin, think back on the show and wonder anew at what you’ve experienced.


So… You take a wooden chair, a bouquet of flowers, and a wooden side table. Now, jungle them and talk to your audience in French, German, Japanese, or English at the same time. Got it? Steve Rawlings can do it. He can also juggle ping pong balls FROM HIS MOUTH. Flaming torches? Of course – in his hands on his head all over the stage. The guy is talented AND funny!


Use the magic brush to see the menu for the evening to appear. Then marvel to see it arrive on a plate steaming from beneath the plates. This is a magical dining experience that any one will thrill to. For kids, it’s an experience to be recounted when telling friends about your cruise. The food is really secondary t the experience, but it was delicious.

Here are three activities that, because of the circumstances, we didn’t try. But we WILL BE BACK – NO WORRIES:


“Bump for Joy” proclaims the PR for the Dodgem Cars, and they have it right. These are high-tech bumper cars made for thrills without spills. On a quiet afternoon, I parked Mr C on the sidelines, climbed aboard my car, buckled up, and turned into ONE MEAN MAMA. The wee lad screamed to watch me in a persona he hadn’t known before. I was ruthless as I sought out other drivers and smacked them with my bright green driving machine. In a year and a half, Mr C can join the fun. For now, other drivers on land can count it fortunate that I have no real driving license.


Skydiving while on an ocean cruise? For sure! RIPCORD by iFLY is a plexiglass-enclosed wind tunnel that shoots air upward at enough velocity to lift one’s body giving the impression of diving through the sky. We didn’t get to try it this time, but just wait until we are back, Baby!


Mani, Pedi, facials, fitness classes, Technogym, beauty salon, sweeping ocean views – Tempted? You are going to love it! I did. I think it’s one of the best spa experiences I’ve had on land or at sea. For now, suffice it to say that there is something of any pleasure-seeker here. I love saunas, so found the Infrared one here something I had to try. Warming the body from the inside, it is an experience that a sauna aficionado like Janiqueel. Marvelous! For a more traditional thermal experience, the Thermal Suite features loungers and steam rooms. This is hedonism and health at its best, and it’s aboard a cruise ship!

Even though it ended prematurely, this was one of our favorite cruises. The hours we spent together in our cabin – thank goodness for the balcony – could have been tedious. Thanks to the Internet, good books, and pillow fights, however, we rather enjoyed the unique experience. Thanks to the thoughtful and well-trained crew, all the emergency arrangements were flawless. What could have been a struggle turned into an adventure? Mr C and Janiqueel are all about adventure, for sure!

Here’s my interview with CNA:

Research and writing help from JKJ.

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