With a New Shop, the Gnome and Bow Story Continues

Janiqueel visits the grand opening and finds holiday inspiration.

Cherish the things you love. Cherish Yourself.

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In collaboration with galleries from Japan, White space Art Asia in Singapore recently presented an exhibit at Ion Art called MONO NO AWARE. Enigmatically difficult to translate, our friend Google offers several choices. I like “an empathy toward things”, or “the awareness of impermanence.” It’s that sweet sadness that comes in knowing that nothing lasts; we change; things change. Is that why we are drawn to beautiful things? 

That awareness could well be the creative force behind the creations offered by Gnome and Bow. Janiqueel has written before about the brand – “The First Storytelling Leather Bags and Wallets”. Now the things in the collection have a home. In a cozy shop in Millenia Walk Arcade, founder, Quanda Ong and his team have displayed the products of their story-telling craft. I enjoyed a very pleasant afternoon there for the grand opening. We touched the goods, we chatted with Quanda and his team, we had a delicious tea and muffins from nearby shops. In anticipation of Holiday giving and receiving,

My choices:

  • Jules Passport Wallet in royal blue. I see others with these every time I travel and think I need one, too. Elegantly crafted and named after Jules Verne (one supposes) this accommodates a passport, credit cards, a SIM card, and name cards. I’ve written “Not all those who wander are lost” on the back of one to remind me that traveling well requires a healthy spontaneity quotient.
  • Smith Bracelet (Antique). Part of the men’ collection, but have I, Janiqueel, ever been wary of thinking outside the proverbial b? No, NEVER. Woven from Italian full-grain leather with a dangling charm featuring the iconic gnome, it speaks to me of travel stories. I chose mine in Antique Blue to complement my Jules Passport Wallet.
  • D’ryna Handbag.  This is my all-time favorite. With a trapezium structure, this bag is eye-catchingly unique. It comes in full-grain black leather which goes awfully well with my understated traveler look that I seek to convey. This is that kind of bag that, like its owner, ages well and looks better with every use. Oh, and it has a detachable pouch, as well.
  • Aramis Crossbody Clutch. Elegant in its simplicity, this bag can be clutched, worn over the shoulder or across the body. With two zippered compartments and interior slots, this bag is ready to trot the globe or go to the grocery in style.
  • Lubin Coin Case. Long ago, JKJ gave up the traditional folding wallet. Now when he travels far or is just out and about. He packs two or three credit cards, ample paper money, and an ID. The Lubin coin case accommodates all of these AND comes with an optional detachable crossbody strap that immediately caught his fancy. “Damn handy,” said JKJ. That strap gives me extra pocket space. “Damn handy.”

Like all things, the Gnome and Bow stories are here and then they’re gone. While they’re here, start your own.

Research, writing, and collaboration with JKJ.

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