Zenlove Jewellery to Bring Happiness and Peace and Compliments

Janiqueel has a look at a locally-grown line of jewellery with unique designs at attractive prices.

 I feel that wearing a piece of jewellery that you like can actually bring inner peace and happiness to one.

Jasmine, founder of ZEN LOVE

Naming a jewellery company “Zen” because it rhymes with “Gem” is as good a reason as any – Zen-like in its rationale. Zen Love is a lofty name for a Singaporean brand that offers an extensive range of rings, earrings, and – importantly – custom-made designs. 

Seeing gemstones transform into jewellery that you will see nowhere else, is the impetus behind Zen Love. So far, popular styles are the Azure cluster ring (in two sizes), the Topaz Half Infinity ring (in three different shades of blue), and the Tilly (“Shine bright like a diamond.”). All are classic designs, but with a special touch. That’s Zen Love.


As mentioned, customization is always an option at Zen Love. Jasmine says, “We are able to customise the designs that you want based on your preferences and price range. Head over to zenlove.customise to chat with us.” You might start with a gemstone that you love, then choose a design that appeals and play around with ways to make it uniquely your own. It’s easy. It’s fun. Let your creative imagination run wild. 

If you’re thinking of jewellery for men, customization could be a viable option, too. Rings especially can be worked into masculine shapes and sizes. If you are picking our wedding rings. You could start with a design for her, then mix and match with a custom design for him. Doing so will not only provide a very special jewellery touch to your wedding but will ensure a long and happy relationship! That’s Zen Love.

Looking for customers who love gemstones in their myriad shapes and colours, Zen Love is eager to provide jewellery at prices that enable patrons to try several of the stones and settings “without breaking the bank.”


With writing and research help from JKJ

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