The Salty World of Pablo Blau

Janiqueel sinks into the lap of luxury and steps out refreshed, relaxed, rejuvenated and revitalized having discovered the healing power of SALT.

Sand-strewn caverns, cool and deep, Where the winds are all asleep; Where the spent lights quiver and gleam; Where the salt weed sways in the stream.

Mathew Arnold

One step into the lush interior of the Pablo Blau studio and I knew I was entering the hedonistic heart of something unique in the world of skin therapies. Blues (think PABLO PICASSO) and greens dominate the furniture and fittings. Playing against the light wooden floors and burnished blue walls, the design scheme lends an artistic aura to the experience that awaits inside – Halotherapy. Expanding on the discovery of a Polish doctor in 1843 who found that workers in a salt mine did not suffer from respiratory ailments nearly as much as did there above-ground peers. 

The Halotherapy benefits adults and children as well as athletes and animals. It is natural and safe and has no harmful side effects. Halotherapy is very beneficial for overall wellbeing by removing the toxins from the respiratory system, improving the function and appearance of the skin and boosting the immune system. 

From the  Pablo Blau website

Frankly, I don’t know what those salt mines looked like, but I’m willing to venture they were nothing like the cool blue rooms of the Pablo Blau studio in Raffles City. Something about that interior decoration put me immediately into a state of comfort ad well-being. And that was before my treatment began!

Offering a wide selection of routines, Pablo has experiences geared for a “something for everyone” and every part of the body approach. There’s a sixty-minute back treatment (a BACIAL!) targeting hard to reach areas. For the face, there are NINE different treatments to lift, cleanse, and reverse the effects of ageing. Four treatments for just the eyes and neck concentrate of hose areas most visible to the world. I had the “Age Defy Neck treatment for the neck and décolletage. Wrapped in a fluffy white towel ensconced in a chair that might better have been called a chaise lounge, I could feel the salt performing its work on my skin and on my mental outlook. 

For the ultimate experience, you really have to try the signature SALT ROOM where even the walls are salty. The room is “ … specially designed to allow our guests to breathe in the dry, salt-enriched air. This is the first healing step for our body. The salt loosens the mucus from the linings of the lungs, allowing even deeper healing of inflammation. Salt is known to have anti-bacterial properties which also provides many negative ions beneficial to our body.” That said, I could taste the salt which reminded me of a day at the seaside. I could feel my skin breathing and healing. I felt relaxed and oh-so-good! 

Are you looking for an intriguing conversation topic for your next outing with friends? Tell them about salt therapy. Recount your experience at Pablo Blau. Then, phone for a reservation for the whole group – men welcomed as well – and set aside a few minutes afterwards to compare notes on your unique experience in the ultra-modern version of the salt mine.


75 minutes Signature Salt Room Customised Facial at $89 (Worth up to $460)
Optional top-up for first 100 customers
Customised Eye treatment at $29

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