Targus Cypress EcoSmart® Laptop Collection - Ready, Set GO!

Janiqueel looks at a new, sustainable, recycled collection of Laptop bags from Targus and she LIKES THEM!

I get ideas about what’s essential when packing my suitcase.

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For 35+ years, Targus has been figuring out what is essential for travel computing and putting their findings into efficient, packable, durable, attractive bags that are ready and willing to go with you wherever and whenever. Now, a new line of bags emerges. Emphasizing ecological considerations, the EcoSmart® line makes a solid claim on eco-friendliness.

Tracking and tracing the “full life of recycled material”, the GLOBAL RECYCLED STANDARD (GPS) imprimatur signifies that a product’s environmental and chemical impacts are kept to the bare minimum. Knowing that is reassuring as we travel. Remember travel?  Soon, we will travel internationally again, Janiqueel is sure. Until then, make your computer travel around our Garden Island as efficient as possible in practice for longer journeys. 

Basically, turning bottles into bags is at the heart of GPS. “By being GRS Certified, we are able to trace the yarn fibre back to the recycling system it came from as well as the people who were making the yarn. So, we know the entire process of the material’s production and know that it is being made as sustainably as possible.” That’s according to Joanne Sessler, vice president of global design and innovation. “These bags are everything a laptop carrying professional could ask for.” That’s according to Janiqueel.

Out of this commitment to sustainability, came the Cypress collection – five styles with features to make computer travel stylish and practical:

Cypress HERO BACKPACK – a heroic size and design to carry your office on your pack or at your side:
– Made from 26 PET bottles
– Ergonomic pack straps
– 3 compartments and one stash pocket
– A place for small accessories
– Luggage pass-through trolley strap

Cypress SLIM BACKPACK – just a tad smaller than the Hero, the Slim backpack goes to work with a lean, mean attitude:
– Made from 20 PET bottles
– Shoulder straps
– 2 compartments and one stash pocket
– Luggage pass-through trolley strap.

Cypress CONVERTIBLE BACKPACK – Call it a backpack or call it a briefcase, this versatile bag acts great and looks terrific at the office or airport or on the way to either:
– Made from 24 PET bottles
– With shoulder straps – a backpack. Stow the straps – a slim briefcase
– Ergonomic straps and side comfort handles
– Luggage pass-through trolley strap.

Cypress SLIPCASE – Not too big; not too small, this slipcase provides what you need for efficient working without any unnecessary bulk:
– Made from 12 PET bottles
– One main compartment and one stash pocket
– Air-mesh shoulder strap and comfort carry handles
– File folder divider
– Luggage pass-through trolley strap

Cypress SLEEVES – Just right to protect your laptop and a file or three. These sleeves protect with foam and are ready to roam in two sizes:
– Made from 3 or 5 PET bottles
– Foam laptop protection
– Interior protects from scuffs and scratches

To complement the sustainability of the products, the packaging, too, is mindful of the environment. Upon opening your brand new bag, you’ll notice the FSC Forest Stewardship Council logo. This labeling “ … provides assurance that all the wood or paper in a product has been verified as genuinely recycled”.  From box to bag, then you can feel proud, practical, and stylish as you venture forth.

Writing and research help from JKJ

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