20 Best Erotic Novels for Mature Audiences Only

Reading itself is always a pleasure. Having your mind to imagine, feel, predict, grow, travel, or even infer about the topic you are reading, is not only a privilege but also an amazing exercise for our brains to stay in shape.

“A writer only begins a book. A reader finishes it…”

Samuel Johnson

For the reader, “rookie or passionate”, the experience of finding “the book” , open it for the first time, the specific smell, the feeling of the new pages through the fingers, owning it and waiting for the story, is an unexplainable sensation that remains every time you look for this specific pleasure.

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People can travel, get inspired, lead, fix, imagine, feel, cook and even construct out of reading any kind or specific book. It is an amazing way to connect with our brain in a marvelous way to create memories.

Try it! Always have a book in hand for your own purpose. Make it a healthy habit and hobby for your soul.

One of the many kinds of books that you might find for this “pleasure”, are the erotic novels . A type of literature that has been here for more than a century. Forbidden in the past, but reachable nowadays. For your own satisfaction or even to share it with e loved one or a lover.

As always, we have researched for you, what we think you might like, this time in this type of literature, for you to enjoy!

Here are the 20 Best Erotic Novels for Mature Audiences Only:

“Bared to You”. By Sylvia Day.

Popular erotic romance book featuring the sexy and tortured Gideon Cross and Eva Hammel as her employee. When the two meet, their fast-moving and also complicated romance can not stop.

“The Duke who Didn’t”. By Courtney Milan.

A no-nonsense kind of girl, Chloe Fong who wasn’t afraid to tell her childhood sweetheart to come back when he was ready to get serious. Jeremy is determined to win Chloe over anyway, and tell her his best-kept secret: He is actually a Duke.

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“Him”. By Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy.

Jamie and Ryan, best friends ever, until a drunken night when they were 18 everything changed. Four years later, they are set to face off in a college national hockey championship. The perfect opportunity to get the answers they were looking for, and reconcile the past.

“Twisted Love”. By Ana Huang.

Ava’s overprotective brother has to leave for a year for South America. He asks his best friend Alex to look after her. “Opposites attract and brother’s best friend” dilemma, they become drawn to each other in more ways than one.

“Beautiful Bastard”. By Christina Lauren.

Chloe is working for her infuriating boss, Bennett. He usually refuses to indulge in a workplace hookup, but the two can’t resist each other for long. They are willing to risk being together.

“The Kiss Quotient”. By Helen Hoang.

Stella is a 30-year-old math whiz with Asperger’s who is determined to overcome her lack of sexual experience disappeared practice. She hires a sexy escort, Michael to help her mysteriously everything from foreplay to complicated sexual positions. It doesn’t take long to turn personal.

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“Ruthless Creatures”. By J.T. Geissinger.

Natalie’s heart is still broken five years after her fiancé dissapeared just before their wedding. She meets the sexy and misterious stranger named Kage who buys the house next door. She finds herself completely entangled in an intense relationship in this erotic romance too hot to handle.

“Hate”. By Tate James.

Madison is framed for a crime and sent away by her father. She returns ready for revenge and sets her sights on the three hot new boys who have moved into her home. Sexy, thrilling, and action-packed.

“Anyone but Her”. By Erica Lee.

Regan has been out of the closet since high school but when her best friend, Jamie also gay, asks her to be his pretend girlfriend

for a family reunion, she agrees. Jamie’s sister returns for the same, she also hides her sexuality until she meets Jamie’s fake girlfriend and can’t help to be attracted.

“Remission”. By Ofelia Martinez.

New and steamy medical romance, in which Dr. Carolina is thrilled that Dr. Hector, is her new boss, a doctor she has idolized her whole life. Seven years later, Carolina finally recovered from the destruction he caused when he returns, confirms their spark is still alive.

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“Take a Hint, Dani Brown” by Talia Hibbert.

Dani is looking for the perfect friends-with-benefits hookup when the security fifty security guard, Zafir, rescues her from a workplace fire drill. They begin a public fake relationship that turns very real.

“Just a Bit Bossy”. By Alessandra Hazard.

Nate is the personal assistant to Raffaele, a horrible domineering boss that makes Nate’s work almost impossible. Nate and Raffaele are both straight, but the requests cross the line to inappropriate, Nate assumes Raffaele is trying to mess with him and he is far too stubborn to back down.

“Scoring of the Field”. By Naima Simone.

Tennyson has worked for her best friend for years, serving as a star-quarterback Dominic‘s assistant and secretly falling in love with him. Tennyson might be ready to move on, but Dominic isn’t ready to let her go in this friends-to-lovers erotic romance.

“Her Soul to Take”. By Harley Laroux.

A dark paranormal romance about a college student and part-time paranormal investigator, whose intrigue is piqued when she meets a demon named Leo, disguised as a human security guard. It turns fast into a suspenseful and sexy romance.

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“Better Off”. By Rebekah Weatherspoon.

Ginger is a college freshman who is determined to maintain her perfect GPA but can’t resist the alluring confidence and sexuality of the Alpha Beta Omega sorority. She is thrust into a lifelong pact to serve the immortal demons that rule the sisterhood and finds herself falling for the queen in this erotic vampire romance.

“The Lotus Palace”. By Jeannie Lin.

Yue-ying is a maidservant living a quiet life when she meets the nobleman and notorious playboy, Bai Huang. Together to investigate a murder, a beautiful complex, and dynamic characters and intimate romance.

“The Change in the Mirror”. By B.Q. Hanson.

Brian is a regular college student, who can’t help but want to be like his athletic, interesting, and admirable new roommate, Andrew. When they go on their first date, it doesn’t take long for Andrew to realise Brian appears to be mirroring him and the tension between the roommates grows even faster.

“The Lady’s Guide to Celestial Mechanics” . By Olivia Waite.

Catherine is a Countess who is looking for someone to translate her late husband’s astronomy text and complete his scientific legacy. When the young Lucy Muchelney comes to Catherine’s door looking for a fresh start, she spends days translating the text and nights falling in love with the alluring Countess.

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“Role Model”. By Rachel Reid.

Troy is a hockey player with a cynical attitude who has recently been traded to Ottawa after a mishap on his old team. Harris Drover, is the bright and sunshine opposite of Troy, in this sporty sexy romance.

“Our Way”. By T.L. Swan.

Sexy friends to lovers romance with a happy ending as Eliza and Nathan, who have been friends for ten years, start to realise their feelings for each other run far deeper than friendship. An unconventional love story.

“Deviant King”. By Rina Kent.

Is a dark high school bully erotic romance featuring a villainous main character named Aiden? Quiet new Elsa meets super-popular Aiden on her first day, he promises to make her life miserable until he decides to have her for his own.

“A Lot Like Adiós”. By Alexis Daria.

Michelle, a graphic designer, is hired to head a marketing campaign for a gym, she is shocked to be reunited with her best friend Gabriel, who seemed to suddenly disappear 13 years ago. Torn into picking up where they left off and the still-present pain of losing him all those years before, Michelle can’t resist the spark between them, as their reunion takes a sexy turn.

Erotic novels differ from each other. They can be explicit, sexy, sensual, or completely erotic. The author leaves in the reader the art of continue, imagine and finish the story. The permission to do with her/his work whatever the reader pleases to.

Free to immerse and develop the sensual stories, in your own terms…enjoy.

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