Amazing Genting Dream Cruise Aboard

Janiqueel and C spend three luxuriously fun-filled days on the flagship of Resorts World Cruises

To desire nothing beyond what you have is surely happiness. Aboard a boat, it is frequently possible to achieve just that. That is why sailing is a way of life, one of the finest of lives.

Carleton Mitchell

Seeing the grand cruise ship at the wharf in Singapore is a thrill unto itself. 336 meters long, painted in startlingly modernistic flowing reds, yellows, blues, and greens, against a white background, this cruise ship exemplifies what modern-day cruising is all about – comfort, adventure, and top-notch service and amenities. Soon we will be aboard one of the largest and most spacious cruisers in Asian waters

With 35 restaurant and bar concepts, a wide variety of boutiques, stores, and quiet areas to lounge and enjoy life at sea. But NO place for a kid to run around and have a ball. Just kidding! I can’t think of a place better suited to a curious and adventuresome six-year-old. For C, this is a DREAM.

Here’s a taster of the fun opportunities:

Zodiac Theatre
  • Rope Course and Zipline – With plenty of help and attention from the nearby staff-friendlies, Mr. C tentatively balanced on the rope course until launching himself onto the zipline. Oh, he loved that zipline. Big thrill. No spill!
  • Little Dreamers Club – Sorry, adults – this place is for KIDS ONLY. It’s a separate club for children with super foamy chairs and plenty of room to romp, as well as games, workshops, and costume parties. Parents love it, too because it gives them free time to explore the ship on their own.
  • Waterslide Park – Offering SIX different waterslides each with its own set of thrills for the water-loving crown. When my young companion learned that there were SIX slides, he vowed to try them all. Over three days, he did it, and Mom did too having almost as much fun as the youngster.
  • Zodiac Theatre – Housed in an opulent space with comfy chairs and cutting-edge sound and lighting, the Zodiac Theatre hosts world-class performances (the magician/juggler was Mr. C’s favorite). We found the after-lunch matinee a perfect way to enjoy an early afternoon sit-down, leaving plenty of time afterward for more active fun.

We were especially fortunate – during our voyage, Sugar Pop Carnival was happening.  A special blend of food and activities for every age, but especially appealing to the younger crowd, Sugar Pop included:

  • Food Snack Stalls – Find out what “carnival food” is all about as you roam Sugar Pop.
  • Slime Stalls – Sounding awful, feeling yucky, looking gross – what could be better than sinking your hands into colorful helpings of slime? Nothing could be better, so come on in and thrill to the slipperiness of slime.
  • Pop It Installations – These happened all over the ship creating the best Instagrammable moment for you to star in your own photos.
Carnival Games
  • Classic Carnival Games – here is challenging fun for the whole fam.
  • Fondue Bar –  Be careful here, because you will taste-test many, many sweet treats waiting for your fondue stick to poke into and enjoy sweet paste (not melted cheese).
  • Arts and Crafts – Let the imagination run wild as youngsters and adults give free rein to creativity.

I’m just getting started. Aboard one of the most accommodating and aesthetically appealing ships in Asia (maybe the whole world?), we found so much to experience and enjoy. When the days ended we crawled into the coziest of staterooms, had a good long reading session, then recounted the highlights of a DAY AT SEA to remember. Then we fell asleep lulled by the soft rhythm of the sea.

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