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Amit Kalanti

It’s no accident that Covermark is called Covermark. Yes, the products are about softening and transforming skin imperfections but also about making skin healthier. Two products, Skinbright Cream CC and Silky Fit Foundation epitomize a modern approach to makeup and skincare.

Founded in the USA in 1928 by Lydia O’Leary, Covermark was devoted to helping those with specific pigmentation problems. Those imperfections are still a focus, but now with a changing dynamic in skin care and skin HEALTH. Many are on the lookout for natural-based cosmetics that are less harmful to the skin. But what if we have makeup that has the same benefits as a skincare product? With COVERMARK, Skinbright Cream CC and Silky Fit are hitting all the right spots for many reasons.

Minimalism is at the heart of Skinbright Cream CC. After years of research, bio-engineers found a combination of (among other ingredients) Asian Ginseng, Reishi Mushrooms, the essence of pomegranate peel, and rosa multiflora fruit.  Add an SPF +50 rating for sun protection, and you have a cream that uses a minimum of ingredients to achieve maximum benefits. While subtly hiding dull skin colour, and creating a finer, softer texture, one which appears to exude a lustre from within. Part of the Skinbright formulation is oil protection to form a clear, breathable barrier of protection from the outside atmosphere. 

Used as a makeup primer, Skinnright Cream enhances dermal translucency to help produce an ideal texture and colour. In a sense, Skinbright Cream fine-tunes your skin adjusting for imperfections and pigmentation anomalies. When not used as a base, the cream gives a, well … creamy soft finish as a solo nourisher. 

Skin nourishment comes through your skin’s pores, that’s no secret. Finding a makeup base that does not block up pores, though, is an age-old challenge for cosmetic companies and makeup users – like you and me. Covermark has met that challenge with its Silky Fit Foundation.

Using  Micro Press Foundation, to make fine particles even finer, the process produces a base that improves even distribution to the skin. Applied using a clean, soft cloth or sponge, the base is absorbed instantly into the epidermis to raise a new glow from deep within. This glow is ever-so-subtly achieved because the micro-fine particles in the foundation are going into micro-small cells, then adhering to the cell walls. It does this without creating zillions of micro-sized blockages. 

To help prevent fading and uneven colour over time, adhesion is the key. Because the particles of the foundation are so very fine, they cling to cellular surfaces – something foundations have never yet achieved to this degree. With a new formulation concept named Double Fix. First, this prevents makeup from melting or fading as it reacts to sebum, the natural oily substance that feeds the skin, but sometimes makes your life difficult. It can cause smearing and/or lifting. Without deterioration of the makeup product, the foundation remains firmly adhered evenly over your face. 

Quality ingredients and revolutionary technology are the support that holds up the unique features of Silky Fit Foundation. These features include:

  • Little or no drying over time – even all day or evening;
  • A smooth finish also prevents dryness because it is formulated to convert sebum into moisture;
  • Aloe and ginseng with an SPF of 32+ – a combination that is ideal for more mature skin sometimes plagues with dullness;
  • A lineup of nine colours with variations to suit almost any skin colour is another important factor in finding the right minimalist look (or non-look!). 

Sliding a sponge or cloth over your face will instantly hide and smoothen unsightly open pores. 

Adhesion and micro-level engineering are the keys to the success of Covemark’s Skinbright Cream CC and Silky Fit Foundation. Together, the two will brighten your face and your day. For even more brilliance, you might be inspired to try other high-tech Covermark products. 

There you have it – Skin and confidence enhanced.

Research and writing help from JKJ

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