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Genting Dream Savour Your Way Around The World
Savour Your Way Around The World

In between explorations aboard the GENTING DREAM CRUISE SHIP, you’ll not find a better way to relax and recharge than enjoying food chosen for this particularly savoury week, having a walk, then a nap with the balcony doors ajar and the ocean breeze lulling you to dreamland – Genting DreamLand you. Lucky us – intrepid traveller, C and me. We think we can be good, experienced guides to the world of the Genting Dream and the “Savour Your Way Around the World” promotion. Let’s go…

As I said, our three-day staycation came smack dab in the middle of “Savour Your Way Around the World” promotion. Count us in! As If with C and me in mind, we found food and fun posted all around the ship, in the dining areas, and on the menus, of course.

Intrepid detective, C was the first to spot a ‘Savour’ spin-off. As we toured the pool area, he spotted FOODIE FLOATIES beside the water and in happy hands. Looking like large portions of your favourite snacks, these floaties show your foodie vibe as you float serenely around the pool. Maybe you’re ready to bite into your floaties… Please, don’t! Even the JACUZZIS (My favourite cruise go-to venue) are festooned with colourful ‘Savour” decorations. 

With our appetites fully whetted, we checked out some special foodie fun spots. “Hey, Look!” It’s an interactive food cart rolling around the decks offering snacks and speciality items, like fruit, crackers, and a wide choice of savoury crisps. Also on offer are ethnic delights and your favourite Singaporean tasty treats. After a swim, we decided to head for our stateroom, but first, a stop at Snack-Snack, a Pop-Up Supermarket just in case we need a reminder that we are in the midst of “Savour Your Way Around the World”. 

Propped up by multitudinous pillows, books in hand, we readied ourselves to soak up the aura of our Balcony Stateroom. With the balcony door ajar, we could sense the character of the Malacca Straits as we cruised along. Later, in the port of Penang, we’ll have a chance to walk around, but for this afternoon, nothing is more beguiling than the thought of a quiet time in our luxurious surroundings. Large enough for two chairs, the balcony made a good spot to catch the breeze and soak up some sun. But, first, we’ll have time for our book, then some TV, then some planning for the rest of the day and evening. 

Everything in the room is so well-planned to bring comfort. Of course, C’s first target was the big soft bed – perfect for plopping. Because the bed is higher than the long bench between it and the balcony, the view from the bed is gorgeous. Ahhh – the cruising life …

With a fantastic array of restaurants, shops, and game centres, geared for everyone, but especially eye-catching for a youngster like C. And there are plenty of activities in which to take part:

  • ROCK CLIMBING – Don your exercise pants and a top and challenge yourself to a state-of-the-art climbing wall with various difficulty levels. No worries – you’ll be strapped in. 
  • ESC EXPERIENCE LAB – Here’s a chance to mess around with the newest technology for virtual and augmented reality.  
  • SPORTSPLEX – Tennis anyone? How about Pickle Ball? With plenty of options for burning those ‘Savour’ calories, you’ll enjoy this excellently maintained venue for the sporty ones – like you!
  • ROPE COURSE AND ZIPLINE – On hand to tell you how it works, guides will help you get started on this challenging balancing act. “That’s it! Yes! You’ve got it!”
  • MINI GOLF – is always great fun, But to play aboard the ultra-classy Genting Dream adds a large measure of thrill.

Perhaps on another cruise, we will partake in a DANCE WORKSHOP or a FITNESS CLASS. So much to do. 

And we have three days in this Genting Dream.

Research and writing help from JKJ

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