Aquaspin – A Wet Spin on Exercise

Janiqueel takes  Aquaspin™ for a test drive.

“Training gives us an outlet for suppressed energies created by stress and thus tones the spirit just as exercise conditions the body.

– Arnold Schwarzenegger

Pulchritude on parade! I stepped from the changing room at the Hotel Jen Orchard Gateway l in my conservative Harry Potter swimsuit and spied the pool. In the pool waited several spin bikes. Yes, bikes. Yes, IN the pool. Aqua bikes, to be precise. I know, dear readers, that you want to be precise. I took my time walking to the pool. “Strutting,” the casual observer might have thought. OK, I’ll be honest, I was strutting a bit. It felt so good, so cool, so unhampered to be embarking on an exercise session comfortably clad in the aforementioned tropically demure one-piece. In short, yes, I walked more slowly than usual, but this girl was ready to ride!

Finally arriving poolside, I met a trainer who helped set up my bike and gave me an overview of the class before we started. The bikes are rather simple affairs. The only adjustments required are to make the seat and handlebars compatible to the rider’s size. They are completely submersed; only the rider’s upper torso rises above the water. I discovered that working out in cool water keeps my body temperature cool while getting an intense workout in my hot, humid, Garden City.

Thinking of traditional exercise bikes, I expected a knob or some kind of device to adjust the resistance of the peddling. I wasn’t thinking Aquaspin™, but I quickly learned that the resistance comes from water. “In the water, speed is power. The harder you push on the pedals the more resistance you will get!” explains Aquaspin™ co-founder, Alicia Antonuccio. I used that phrase, “Speed is Power” as a mantra while peddling. It helped push me on shedding stress as I moved my body. Burning calories faster than regular biking with far less stress on bones and joints, I was feeling it! “Speed is Power” came the inner whisper.

Aquaspin™ offers three variations catering to users’ need for speed, best explained by Ms. Antonuccio:

Aqua Signature is a full body high intensity cycling class. We will get you sprinting for short periods followed by active recovery to make sure your heart rate goes up quickly and your body burns maximum calories during and after exercise. You will also do upper body moves like push ups and ab work, no muscles will be spared!

Aqua Endure is an endurance cycling class built on long intervals and high tempo music. Perfect if you are training for a fitness milestone like a run, trek or triathlon, we will have you working at an active pace the whole session!

Aqua Power is a circuit training session that combines cardiovascular intensity, combat training and strength training, using bikes, resistance bands, and Aquastrength equipment. This class is designed to create a challenging, high-paced session that will tone you up before you can say ‘phew’!

I can’t wait to be back on the bike! With the built-in constant resistance, I felt like I was working opposing muscle groups at the same time – sooo efficient. I see why Ms. Antonuccio would say that the classes are “… fun, punchy and can be challenging for everyone.” Aqua biking? I’m a believer!

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