Sugar Bubble Bath Time for Baby Beauty

Janiqueel delights in the refreshing aspects of Sugar Bubbles Baby Bath products.

Do you know what the great thing about babies is? They are like little bundles of hope. Like the future in a basket.

Lish McBride

Distrikt29 whose motto is “A Little Indulgence” is the home of Huxley – personal care products to which Janiqueel is no stranger. These pages have previously extolled the virtues of Huxley’s skincare routines (there are six!) as well as several of the other high-quality products. No surprise, then, that a trial of Sugar Bubble baby products brought delight.

Offering an intriguing range of products, Distrikt29 is a Korean umbrella company that offers, in addition to Huxley products: 

  • JJOBI – a unique range of electronic sterilisers for toys and pacifiers as well as personal fans;
  • MONSTERGIM – seaweed snacks;
  • SHINE K – hand sanitiser sachets;
  • SUGAR BUBBLE – soap, shampoo, cleaners, a pet cleaner and a pet deodorant.

With Mr C in mind, Janiqueel concentrated on the Sugar Bubble line. I was tempted to borrow a neighbour’s pet just to try the Sugar Pet All-Over Fresh Deoderant or the Waterless Easy Cleanser for animals. That last one- What a great idea! I didn’t borrow a pet, but I’d love to try that Waterless Easy Cleanser – I’ll ask to demonstrate on the next dog I see.

Nevertheless, with the prospect of a super clean Mr C in the offing, the Sugar Bubble Choeum Baby Shampoo & Bodywash smelled great, felt silky and natural even before it sudsed up and washed the little lad all over. Finish off the job with Sugar Bubble Choeum Baby Lotion, and a routine is born. Smelling wonderful, feeling soft and supple, Mr C went to bed (after a reading a good book, of course) content and happy to be so clean and refreshed.

No mystery, though, about what the other Sugar Bubble baby products offer. There’s a bottle cleaner, a fabric softener, and laundry detergent, as well.

If, as Lish McBride has it, babies “…are like little bundles of hope”, then Mr C or any baby fortunate enough to be washed, lotioned, and fabric-softened with Sugar Bubbles is hope and joy in a basket.

Editing and research help from JKJ

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