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Janiqueel takes a good look at the good looks of GLOHS, Hong Kong

Health is wealth, but it doesn’t just turn up at the doorstep. We hope that through our products and the Community, customers can feel our passion and focus in helping them achieve the goal of wellness.

Giselle Lee

More than a purveyor of top-quality skincare products, GLOHS (“Glow with Nature”) is a holistic company as interested in its customers and good health as the bottom line. Natural, organic, health, community, charity, close-knitted, like-minded. These are some of the words and phrases that jump out of the description of the GLOHS story. It’s about feeling good and acting well while sharing the world of plant-based products to enhance one’s beauty – skin-deep and deeper. 

GLOHS products comprise only of natural ingredients, and we aim to use organic whenever possible. This means no synthetic fertilisers and pesticides, which is healthier for the plants, our bodies and the environment.

With a preference for small, independent farms over mass-producing corporate entities, GLOHS strives to ensure that all its ingredients for all its health and body care products. That means that chemicals like pesticides that are integral to huge farming operations don’t find a home on the GLOHS range. Not all countries certify “organic” in the same ways. GLOHS had gone to some trouble to trade with those countries that display the highest standards for certification.

Should you care that the ingredients in what you put on your face are “natural/organic’? Sure, you should. What goes on your skin, the largest organ of the body, whether it’s your face or elsewhere, is absorbed into one’s internal organs. “At least 60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our bodies.” Think about it. What do you want to be absorbed into your body? Fortunately, GLOHS has thought about it and have resolved that only natural, organic ingredient are purely harmless enough to be in our bodies. Makes good sense, right?

Two of the creations inspired by the organic naturalness underlying GLOHS are the FACIAL CLEANSER and the FACIAL TONER. The latter is available for normal or sensitive skin. Used together, they establish a skincare regimen that, over a short time, can revitalize your face and help “…achieve the goal of wellness”.

There! With your face sorted out, have a thought about what lies beneath your face.

Under the HEALTH LINE banner, GLOHS offers products for joint relief, muscle relief, increased flexibility and strength. Products in this category are based on DMSO, Magnesium chloride, or MSM. An acronym for Dimethyl sulfoxide, DMSO is a substance derived from wood renowned for its ability to relieve pain and reduce symptoms. Interestingly, it can also be used to treat wounds. First aid in a bottle. MSM – Methyl sulfonyl methane, as the name might imply, is used to “…relieve symptoms of pain, eczema and acne, cramps, headaches and carpal tunnel.” GLOHS advises prospective customers of their health products to get in touch with the company and obtain expert advice on which of the products to use most effectively.

For the rest of your skin, not just the face, GLOHS has balms, mists, and scrubs to make you feel good all over. Recommended for all skin types, some zero in on just the hands. The CALMING BODY MIST, for instance, is used before bed to promote moisturization and CALM. Oh, doesn’t it sound like just the thing to lull you into a deep sleep? GLOHS points out that it can be used for babies as well. Just two of the ingredients, cashmere and lavender, connote soothing and calming.

Eager to host talks, events and workshops soon, GLOHS like the rest of the world will have to wait until it is safe to do so. In the meantime, the website and online shopping is the way to GLOHS.

Editing and research help from JKJ.

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