Can’t Get Enough of Your Favourite Celebs? These Gaming Apps Will Keep You Entertained

There is nothing worse than finishing the last episode of a binge-worthy Netflix series or waiting for your favourite celebrity to release a new movie or song. These days, you don’t have to wait for long – trending entertainment is easily accessible in the palm of your hands.

Mobile games are all the buzz right now, and every day over 1,000 apps are uploaded to the iOS App Store alone. There are countless entertaining, funny or just plain weird games taking the world by storm, from the addictive Pokemon Go phenomenon to FIFA Mobile, the football lovers’ obsession.

But one particular trend that seems to have been growing among smartphone users are celebrity-branded games. Developers are increasingly featuring some of the most popular celebs, movies, or TV shows to satisfy every type of fan. Apps have moved on from being simple distractions to a way of keeping ourselves connected with famous entertainment figures and viral pop culture.

Celebrity Games

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Several celebs have even created their own apps to give their loyal fans a daily dose of fun, like Ellen DeGeneres’ hilarious Head’s Up game, which has practically taken over smartphones worldwide. Almost everyone has played charades with their family or friends at some point or another but, somehow, it is just so much more fun knowing that Ellen is behind it.


Even celebrities with extravagant lifestyles that we could only dream of have created virtual worlds that let their fans get a little taste of luxury. The Kardashian/Jenner family have produced a series of trendy games that take you into their glamorous red carpet world. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood and Kendall & Kylie both let you live out your Hollywood glam-girl fantasy with the click of a button.

Featured Content

For those craving more of the popular movies and TV shows that people just can’t seem to get enough of, there are gaming apps that are not only fun but give users access to content from their favourite characters. For instance, Paddy Power’s Ted casino slot game gives gambling enthusiasts and fans of Seth MacFarlane’s comedy an opportunity to spin the reel and win money. A £500 welcome bonus means that it’s free to try out too. If you can’t wait for Ted 3, this just might be the game for you.

Pick any television show and there is probably an app for it somewhere. Game of Thrones, probably the most popular fantasy show in existence, lets fans have their pick between war strategy games, such as Game of Thrones Ascent, to the educational Dothraki Companion, which teaches you the fictional Horselord tribe’s full language. These apps satisfy everyone from the battle gamer to the sci-fi geek.

Public Figures

Clinton and Trump cartoon illustration | Free vector by Vexels

Entertainment celebs are not the only subjects of hilariously entertaining, up-and-coming games: public figures making the headlines are bound to make it in app stores too. There is no need to wonder what kind of Donald Trump-themed games there are available out there – as expected, there are plenty. Texts From Donald Trump is an app that sends you daily messages of Trump’s most memorable quotes from his Twitter page, speeches, or interviews, and Trumpify turns your texts into something Donald Trump is more likely to say. So, if you have not yet had enough of Trump’s tweets, you might want to consider downloading these apps.

Rest assured, when the TV series or movie ends, the fun does not necessarily stop there. Your app store is a window to secret treasures that lets you enjoy your TV, movie, or celebrity obsessions any time, any day.

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