Coffee Meets Alcohol in a New Way Nocturne Noir

Janiqueel looks at a surprisingly different blend of spirits and a coffee with pedigree.

He was my cream, and I was his coffee – And when you poured us together, it was something.

Josephine Baker

For starters, “Nocturne Noir” is a wonderful name. What does it mean? A new genre of detective fiction set in a Scandinavian winter? A new New Zealand wine (red)? Debussy’s long-lost etude?

Nope X 3.

It’s a drink unique in the crowded market of blended aperitifs. Containing a medium dose of caffeine from Arabica coffee grown in the Colombian Highlands and blended with single-source wheat, barley, and rye base spirit Nocturne Noir is unique even on the coffee-based drink division. Your party is off to an edgy start. Jason Ong, brand owner of Nocturne Noir, provides a description:

With cuisines such as Italian, French, and Japanese. It pairs well with food (there is an award-winning Japanese restaurant [Peace Japanese Cuisine] which even created a special food pairing menu with Nocturne Noir) and it is the perfect digestif to end off a meal to help the food settle nicely.

I believe that small pop of caffeine will sell this drink. Combining coffee and alcohol is not the latest thing. Irish coffee is arguably the original. “Coffee and spirits have a natural affinity for each other. One reason may be that the stimulant properties of caffeine offset the sedative effects of alcohol, leaving us both alert yet relaxed.” explains . And get this – A 1997 study in the “Journal of Psychopharmacology” found that clear distilled spirits such as vodka and gin reduce stress more effectively than the alcohol-equivalent of red wine.”

In his replies to Janiqueel’s questions, Jason Ong talked about the cocktail-mixing and food-pairing potential of Nocturne Noir. He mentions enjoying it with French, Japanese, or Italian foods. When pressed to name just one cocktail made with Nocturne Noir that he would serve his guests, Jason – who likes his Nocturne Noir neat and chilled – came up with a good one. “Nocturne Highball, as the flavors of the coffee spirit, blends so well with the mild sweetness and tartness of the natural Cranberry juice and aroma of the kafir lime zest. It is super smooth, refreshing and makes for the perfect sipping drink all night long.”

Some bars in Singapore offer Nocturne Noir either on its own or in a cocktail and, no doubt, more soon will. After all, it won a Gold Medal in a recent World Spirits Competition.

OK, so why is it called “Nocturne Noir”? That remains a mystery. Make up your own story, while sipping something completely different.

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