Floating and Flying Over the Reef with Bali Aqua

Janiqueel joins a snorkeling tour and finds the magic of the reefs.

I like snorkeling, it’s the only thing I’m able to do that makes me think I can fly.

Luigina Sgarro

They made it look so easy! In fact, it was so easy. Snorkeling with BALI AQUA gives beginning snorkelers or ones with experience a chance to float above the clear turquoise waters of the Java Sea without hassle or harm. All the logistics are done before we hit the water by a crew who are experts on the equipment and on making guests comfortable. Once in the water, though, It’s just you and yourself.

I couldn’t wait to take myself on a snorkeling trip. Once I found Bali Aqua, I knew that this was just the ticket for a day’s outing. Feeling adventurous and having not been on a boat during my stay in Bali, I opted for the Nusa Penida & Lembongan trip. There are three other choices for snorkellers, but this was the only one that involved a speed boat ride to the dive site – about 45 minutes from Sanur. I and my fellow enthusiasts were picked up at the hotel and delivered to the jetty just after breakfast. The crew said the boat ride could, at times be a bit rocky. For us, though, on a clear, blue morning, it was smooth. What fun to speed along enjoying the sights of Sanur disappearing behind us as Nusa Penida loomed ahead. 

Janiqueel was no stranger to the sea. I had previously snorkeled, but not on an organized day-trip like this. When we arrived at the beach, we donned our masks, fins, and snorkels all of which had been fitted beforehand. Once afloat, I was entranced. There’s something about drifting along with the slight current and the wave action, peace takes over. The rhythmic cadence of my breathing and the flapping of my flippers soothed my ‘flight’ over the coral reef which was live with fish zipping here and there and sea plants dancing sinuously to aquatic rhythms. The fish – some teeny, some quite large – were everywhere I looked. Such colors. One would think that a uniform color for all the creatures would suffice. One might think that, but that is NOT the underwater case. Blues, greens, yellows, oranges, stripes, checks. The reef is a carousel of color and movement. I felt like I was master of it all as I floated above the circus below. 

Our second stop on the tour was Lembongan Island, a small comma-shaped isle just off the northeast coast of the larger Nusa Penida. It had its own charms, especially underwater. Here, we explored the small strait between the islands and watched as the local denizens scrambled for their morning breakfast as it floated by. Again, there were schools of color drifting in front of my mask like dust motes on the breeze. Now though, we occasionally caught glimpses of giant groupers lording it over their fellow swimmers some of whom might soon be breakfast themselves.

Bali Aqua made the whole experience so easy and enjoyable. As much as I enjoyed the snorkeling, a big part of the fun was yakking with my fellow tourists and the crew. We bonded. Right there in the warm waters of the southern ocean, we bonded over a light lunch before returning to reality.

To be redundant, I had fun, fun, fun. 

I flew!


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