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Janiqueel gives some self-love with the help of Fresver

Our human face happens to be one of the most powerful channels that we all use to communicate social and emotional states: everything from enjoyment, surprise, empathy, and curiosity.

-Rana el Kallouby

“Fresver” is one of those words, like “janiqueel” that one’s internal monolog needs to wrangle with. How to pronounce? Origin? Why not something easier? Spoiler alert – I’m answering none of those rhetorical questions. Names like that plant themselves and stay in the brain, so one will never, ever forget them.  At least “janiqueel.” Never, ever forget janiqueel!

STOP PRESS: It turns out the “Fresver” is a portmanteau of fresh forever. Easier to remember now, isn’t it?.

Ready for facial

Fresver is offering a fab deal for janiqueel’s readers:

Especially for Janiqueel readers and followers

Book an appointment for the Vital Brightening Facial at $29 net using the promo code “BG-Janice”

and we will include a bonus Relaxing Eye Treatment for FREE

So, lodge that in your hippocampus. There’s plenty of room in between “Fresver” and “janiqueel.” Got it? OK – so what is Fresver?

Radio Frequency

First and foremost, it is a Singapore brand –  and an impressive brand, at that. Winner of multiple Singapore Brand Awards, named “Best Perfecting Facial” by Singapore Women’s Weekly, on the list of “Promising SME 500’s” Fresver has made its mark on the local face-rejuvenation market. From the press release: “You wish for a treatment that can tackle all of your skin problems at once. Well, Fresver is here to help.” janiqueel can vouch for that. I’ve tried it. One of those busy professionals with a hectic lifestyle whom Fresver targets, I did the “… miracle facial [that] tackles the common issues of the busy career woman.”

Shoulder massage

Oh, it felt so good that this busy career woman fell fast asleep during the 60-minute treatment. Awakening after the relaxing pampering, I could feel the difference. My face glowed. Yes, it usually glows, but (call it the power of suggestion) I felt younger and brighter. Timbuk 3 was in my ear pods – “The future’s so bright [like my skin!], I gotta wear shades.” Here’s the technological skinny on how Fresver works; RF (radio frequency) technology and LED light therapy combine to penetrate the skin, enhance elasticity, and accelerate collagen production. Don’t worry it’s painless, even soothing – in my case, sleep-inducing. As the machine warmed and soothed my skin, I became a very sleepy beauty.

After facial

Overall benefits

  • Instant skin brightening
  • Reduce the appearance of large pores
  • Obvious Lifting & Tightening Effect
  • Increases collagen re-production
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Part of the feel-good vibe that I felt (still feel, if it comes to that) is knowing that I’m supporting a Singaporean enterprise.

All this in sixty minutes – designed for the busy Singaporean career woman.

Enjoyment, surprise, empathy, curiosity??


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