Mr. C Turns Two With a Bang-up Party

Family and friends gathered at Ctrl Space by Parallel to enjoy fun and dessert by Afters Bakery

There is always one moment in childhood when the door opens and lets the future in.

GRAHAM GREENE, The Power and the Glory

Time flies and the world spins. Mr. C, the Official Child of, grows older. The door opens to the future and he greets it with a smile and a chuckle. Friends and family gather to celebrate all he is and all he will become.

Sooooo…We had a party for the lad and he loved it! So did we!

Located in The Flow, a brand new office building on East Coast Road, Control Space, was the perfect venue for a childhood bash. The “Control” part comes from the users. Mega Jenga, Big Beer Pong (sans the beer, of course), Nintendo Wii U Console with assorted games, sofa, a fridge, a private wash room, movable chairs and tables, and big wide-open spaces for kids and child-like adults to play, chat, and ruminate on the inexorable passage of time. Actually, I didn’t notice so much rumination happening amid the songs, games, and joie de vivre on a sunny Saturday afternoon. The guests and the honorable host seemed to be having too much fun to ruminate. We lived in the moment, and the moment was sweet.

Also portable and easily re-situated was a foosball table. One sturdy enough to withstand the rough play of the little ones, but accurate enough to handle the adult gamers, like me. I love foosball. With my hands flying from control knob to knob, I shout and sweat and even swear. I take the game seriously. Freelance writer, JKJ, was my opponent. Maybe he won. Maybe I won. The world will little note nor long remember the result, but, dammit, WE HAD FUN! Once my injured knee (casualty of cruising, remember?) is sound, we shall have a rematch. We shall wager. I shall sweat and shout and (forgive me) swear.

But, I digress. Control Space is a great space for a party. For the older teenage crowd the organizing company, Parallel, offers Alternate Space at Chai Chee with games a facilities designed for a more mature crowd.

The crowd – some 40+ and kiddies – at Mr. C’s event were charmed by a dessert table below an arch of balloons featuring macarons, biscuits, and layered carrot cake with a musical theme of clefs, notes, and scores. Topped by a tiny set of drums which a small mouse could have played comfortably, it made a natural gathering spot for the sweet-toothed guests. AFTERS BAKERY supplied the table. They delivered and tidied up after the the treats were gone. Well, not completely gone. I have a few souvenirs in my fridge which I am saving for a special occasion. Oh, here it is, another special occasion!


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Happy Birthday, Mr C! #2 🎂 . Desserts & Set Up: @aftersbakerysg Venue: @space.parallel

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That party will be a time to be remembered for years to come. Mr. C enters year three amid the smiles a well-wishes of friends and family. Off you go, my son. I’ve said it once in these pages, and I shall say it again…

You are beautiful. You are amazing. You are perfect.

Afters Bakery:

Ctrl Space by Parallel:

With writing help and foosball advice from JKJ.

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