Get Up, Get Ready and Create your own Brand of Art. Ready, Set START!

Sometimes you gotta create what you want to be part of. 

Geri Weitzman

Take a person who is keen to create their own brand of art. Add a vast palette of colours, textures, machines, neon glow, spin factor, swing culture, splash factor, and, hey, you’ve got a party – an ARTY PARTY!

Looking to have fun and unleash the artists within us all, ARTY PARTY sets out to show creators of any age how to splash, swing, and spin out creations that look like grand messes at first, but turn into lasting art when the eye of the beholder or creator appreciates what they have created all by themselves. Unlocking imaginations and possibilities – that’s what it’s all about, but it has never looked like this before.


  • SPLASH – Arty Party has the canvas and paint. You have the creativity. Now unloosen your inhibitions and splash and drop, and fling paint all around with all the gusto in your creative brain. Be not afraid of making a mess. Art is a messy process that reaps huge rewards. Using safe paints and garbed in protective gear, you and your friends and kids can daub and drip to your heart’s content. Someone grab a phone and get a shot of what’s been created. That’s art; it’s beautiful, and it is YOURS.
  • SPIN – It’s kinda like a pottery wheel except your canvas is mounted on top and it SPINS. Wow! What a concept. Imagine the possibilities of one-of-a-kind creations using a whole array of colours. As the canvas spins, you add colours through holes in the plexiglass about the canvas. As it spins, centrifugal force draws the wet paint outward to the edge mixing and matching with the hues you’re already employed. Drip more paint on if you choose. Step back, survey your work in progress and think about more possibilities. Then act on our ideas. Sound like fun? Oh, it is! It’s fun that nurtures your creativity and rewards you with pride in your unique artistic personality.
  • SWING – Using a spherical pendulum, you create a pattern as the pendulum swings over the canvas. “Singapore’s first swinging pendulum studio.” Instead of a paintbrush, you use the pendulum to change and twerk your creation. As you add layers of colour and pattern, you can change the pendulum’s motion at any time. Let it swing. Let it flow. Have fun as you experience first-hand the laws of physics. You are the artist. You are in control.
  • NEON PARTY – Out of darkness comes light. Out of light come colour and shape.  Watch out – this is a wild experience! Psychedelic patterns and paints swirl as they come to life in the dark under your control. Splattered and splashed with glowing paint, the canvas and YOU take on a brand new essence. All of Arty Party’s experiences are selfie-ready, but NEON PARTY is a MUST!

Because they are non-toxic the paints that Arty Party uses are safe even as they are spun, flung, and splashed. In case the spinning and fling get oo wild, wear clothes you don’t mind daubing with some of the gorgeous colours. Lasting about one hour each session is led by a coordinator who will explain the process and guide each artist along their creative path. 

Here’s an idea – for a special party or event you can book Arty Party just for you and your guests. Collaboration and sharing come alive in the studio as each artist collaborates to bring out the best in all. Book in advance for this as or the individual sessions.

You’ll be glad you did!

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