Top 40 Things You Must Do in Korea

Korea! Even though I feel so connected to Korea due to personal reasons, having an opportunity to write about the exciting sites, amazing landscapes, gastronomy, and beverages, culture, history, and modern era, not to mention learning at the same time, about what this marvelous destination has to offer to all of us and visitors as well, is just breathtaking!

It is a place that will offer all of the above already mentioned, and a journey to a place with so much culture and traditions, but that has been able to manage and pass through a door of modern times without harming their roots. The colorful and magnificent spots that invite you to imagine and travel in time, at the moment of taking unforgettable pictures! The taste of so many years of evolution and tradition in their meals and beverages, now so familiar in so many parts of the world! And let’s not forget that even when culture comes in important details such as music, they are the revolutionary home of the famous K Pop!

So before I give too many details, let’s have a look at the 40 Things that you can see, visit, or do in Korea! Shall we?

1. The 5 Royal Palaces of Seoul:

As mentioned before, just imagine being able to be in such historical places! They also host the Royal Cultural Festival in May and October in the five palaces. This includes programs that recreate life in that era!

2. Hongik University Street:

The streets are lined with shops, designer brands, ateliers, quirky collections, bookstores, galleries, cafés, and restaurants. So you can spend an entire day just enjoying every spot you can!

3. Seoul Museum of Art (SEMA):

An immaculate example of a building with a 1920 façade, with six exhibition spaces located through the building. Includes lecture halls, museum hall, and a cafeteria. Enjoy having a tea or a cup of coffee in that majestic place, while reading!

4. Dongdaemun Design Plaza:

A unique silhouette compared to a spaceship, a place that hosts numerous exhibitions, fashion shows, product presentations, forums, etcetera.

Lotte World Adventure Photo by The Hidden Thimble

5. Lotte World Adventure:

A massive indoor amusement park connected to a subway station, department store, and a hotel at the same time.

6. N Seoul Tower:

One of the most recognizable sites for the last 40 years with beloved sights, roof terrace, observation decks, and so many other activities. Do not miss the Nassam Cable Car, a well-known romantic spot for many couples.

7. Ikseon-dong:

Seoul’s Government, decided to preserve the hanok building, becoming a new boom gate with quirky cafés, restaurants, bookstores arcades, beer halls, accessory shops, and photography studios, there are numerous activities for you to do and not miss.

8. COEX (Starfield):

An amazing library with towering bookcases, located right in the middle of a shopping mall. One of the most recognizable shopping malls in Korea and the theme park site for K-Pop fans.

9. Yeongjongdo Island:

Formed by six smaller islands, also known for its long coastal road and the expansive fish market, and a famous road to a temple.

10. Sorae Port:

A day trip from Seoul, deep and blue seas, fishing boats, seagulls, the fish market, and fresh market. Away from the buzz just to enjoy fresh…everything!

Songdo Central Park Photo by Be Marie Korea

11. Songdo Central Park:

An artificial Island that gives an urban elegance, landscape, and designs, feels like a city of the future. With panoramic views of skyscrapers, lakes, and parks, it is adorable!

12. Hwaseong Fortress Suwon:

UNESCO World Heritage Site, a fortress that mostly retains its original appearance, with a view of a lonely island dug below a dragon-shaped rock. This offers small workshops, cafés, restaurants, and plenty of activities to enjoy such an emblematic space.

13. The Ever Lovable Everland, Yongin:

This beautiful theme park, is also home to beloved festivals with themes of tulips and roses, illumination, the most popular attraction in Zootopia, 2000 species of animals, and safari tours.

14. Gone My Nyeong Cave:

Embark on a trip in a mining cart in Mine Adventure, mountain climbing, and bungee jumping! All part of this spectacular site.

15. Hwadam Botanic Garden:

A variety of itineraries from forest walks to thematic parks and trekking. Enjoy a day surrounded by nature and different themes to spend a magical day.

16. Dumulmeori:

A peaceful place to spend the day, that today is ideal for TV shows, films, and wedding photography. It is also a great place for bikers as well.

17. Jebudo Island:

Is at the entrance of the Island, offers a great island view, with waves splashing below and mudflats stretching for the horizon the low tide with an amazing sunset.

18. Gapyeong:

a garden of morning calm and surrounded by the fragrance of flowers, hosts numerous festivals and events. It also offers experiential programs as well and a gardening shop and cafés.

Anseong Farmland Photo by Travel – Travel Crazy Korea Facebook

19. Anseong Farmland:

Home to cows, dunkees, geese, and other animals, offers interactive programs that bring them close. Perfect to take a day off and make memories in nature.

20. Nami Island:

Known for its walking paths. With every season, it brings something new to see. Playfulness for kids, with restaurants, cafés, and accommodations for the visitors to enjoy. Besides their beautiful Hotel to receive you.

21. Ganhyeon Tourist Area:

A recreational area with three parks for the visitors to spend the day.Also with two Campgrounds to make the experience even more unforgettable.

22. Museum SAN:

The museum’s permanent exhibitions, details the history of paper, ink, and brush painting. A meditation hall and café to bring a more relaxing and marvelous experience.

23. Jumunjin Port:

offers not only a unique view with everything needed for the amazing fishing so you can delight yourself with only fresh products from the sea to your plate. An amazing view worth watching for videos or pictures.

24. Gangneung Coffee Street:

A collection of cafés formed along Anmok Beach. Offers premium coffee different from the usual. Innovative cafés, desserts and food.

Han Gangang River Photo by Trazy

25. Han Gangang River:

A UNESCO Geopark, with basalt cliffs, columnar joint formations, valleys, and waterfalls, were created from a volcanic eruption. Functions as a site of geological education, geotourism, festivals, and exhibitions.

26. Seoraksan National Park:

Home to 30 famous peaks in which more than 10 trails take the visitors through the mountains.

27. Sono Belle Vivaldi Park:

Four seasons of fun and joy! Is a resort that caters to the four seasons and has wonderful playgrounds. Also has an excellent dining place that offers a wide range of options.

28. Wondae-ri Birch Forest:

A very popular place for wedding pictures, family travels, and natural experience programs to enjoy by yourself, with friends or the family!

29. Cheongpung Cable Car:

It is the place to go if you want to capture the mountain ranges and lakes at once.

30. Cheongnamdae Presidential Villa:

The best place to enjoy their complex. There are several ways to explore the greenery around the villa.

31. Kkotji Beach:

Also famous as a swimming crab fishing site, the opening of a pathway when the tide is low and local dishes for you to enjoy fresh food,

32. Yesan Stork Park:

Was created as a place to conserve and restore the efforts on the Korean stork. To be a witness of an effort to preserve their habitat as well as their behavior as natural as possible to avoid their extinction. A beautiful place to witness greatness from nature.

33. Oeam folk Village:

Retains the appearance of the late-era village, continuing their lives as a traditional agrarian village until today. The area has 60 houses which some of which are open to the public offering experiences from backin those days such as rice cake-making in a wooden hammer and their rice wine. Also holds festivals related to architecture and traditions.

34. Sejong Lake Park:

This artificial lake holds five small islands in it. With five themes such as a floating stage, as a festival, playing in the water, water flowers, and a wetland, it also holds many cultural events.

35. Taejongdae Park:

A rich experience with the sea, the wind, and the plants of the area. Also, another famous attraction is the grilled clams. As well as the observatory.

Haeundae Beach Photo by Finn on Unsplash

36. Haeundae Beach:

This modern and refined beach is one of the most popular destinations in Busan. With white sand beaches and skyscrapers. In winter, you can witness the island being washed in red camellia flowers.

37. Gamcheon Culture Village:

The village is full of photo spots. A colorful collection of houses. Formed by narrow streets between houses and buildings built into the slope of the mountain like staircases.

38. Songjeong Beach:

One of the five beaches in Busan especially beloved by its people. One of the first surf spots in Korea, also, a place that invites you to walk among the trees. Walking along the hiking trail where a breathtaking view awaits!

39. Haeinsa Temple:

UNESCO World Heritage, where despite the 800 years of history, the woodblock remains in pristine conditions. A tour by specialists to actually get you to know this emblematic and historical place.

40. Asia Culture Center:

This magnificent and jaw-dropping place, showcases exhibitions, performances, and works of all genres. Its park is a grass lawn that has become a popular spot for picnics where many visitors bring food from nearby restaurants. A place where you can also portrait many activities and enjoy the view!

So here it is, just a hint of the many activities or places you can visit or do in a place like Korea.

Interesting place that handles a way to preserve traditions in modern life, and achieves to live with both. Calm and buzz at the same time. modern and poetic. Historic and state of the Art. A full package you should not miss, and a place that you should visit to feel amazed!

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