How to Stay Fit During Covid

Situations bring other situations on the way! It is like a labyrinth with a successful ending or exit! What we are experiencing now, so repeatedly mentioned everywhere, is an obligatory means to do things in another way.

Not so bad! Actually, necessary. Let’s think about our capacity to adapt and evolve. That is something remarkable in all of us. Our decision to do so…ah! That’s something else. But, our brains are actually designed to evolve, respond and adapt. We need things to move us and to eject us to act and react.

Thankfully we are programmed to do so. Covid has pushed us to make things differently. Well, guess what? We can! We may not like a few, some or a lot of them, but we sure are prepared for the pack, even without knowing it.

Staying home, checked!

Working from home, checked!

Eating at home, checked!

Playing at home, checked!

Staying with the family, checked!

Staying fit at home…hehe, maybe not so well?

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Nothing to panic about! We can make it through, too. Let’s put on the table reasons, motivations, and tips to do so during Covid pandemic.

So, in our best intention to help you out and share what we think might be useful to you, we numbered some tips for you on How to Stay Fit During Covid:


it would be good for you and also healthy to be honest with yourself and decide why you are doing this. If it is to improve your health, way to go. If it is to look at your best, way to go too. Remember the target; health is always a fantastic reason to change habits or to change, period. Looking at your best for you, to feel comfortable in your own marvelous skin! Trying to look like someone else will lead you to frustation. Why? Simple, our bodies are completely different to the rest. So is their response, body type, health conditions, etcetera.


set a period of time but not to make it an unbearable and unreachable goal. But to stay focus on what you are targeting and getting! Divide the time you actually need for you to begin with, the time you need to start your engine, the time you will need to make it a habit and the time you will start needing it till you make it. Finding the time, sounds easy; make it possible by dedicating actually this to organize what you need for achieving this goal without quitting. Please keep in mind that this factor is crucial, do not expect to make this within in a month cause it will be not only absurd but also dangerous.

Photo by Önder Örtel on Unsplash

The Place;

when I am referring to or during Covid, basically will be at home, with all the temptations surrounding us 24/7? True, but that is a magnificent way to force yourself to become stronger in every aspect! Take that advantage. We don’t have this opportunity when things are too easy. You will make yourself to look for solutions in order to make the perfect space at home that will be yours! Comfortable enough in where you can fit and have enough space to workout. Music, TV, candles, lights, name it! Set whatever you need to focus and get hands-on.


Look inside yourself and again be completely honest, and look for what motivates you. It will be for the right reason because it is for you to be at your best. A marathon, or a suit or a dress, a party or a graduation, health improvement, even fight the Covid! Stick to that motivation every morning and repeat it like a mantra. Your brain will respond to it. Believe me! If you are visual, paste it where you can see it, if you need to listen to it, have it recorded by yourself, so your brain can hear it from its master!

Expectations vs Reality = keep calm!;

Remember, you need to take into consideration several things when you are expecting something and the reality you get. Not because you will not make it, but based on consciousness, will program your whole self to work for the best for you. The ideal health, the correct type body, the peace you need, the acceptance and preparation youare looking for. Everything will fall into place when you get to this on the best level. Reality will hit you in a very good and way possible according to the negotiation you have with yourself.

Go for it! I will repeat this over and over: we are programmed to change, adapt and evolve. To overcome situations in which our brain will enjoy the command you give! Make it a positive one. Fit is important no matter the surroundings. If you have fans at home, this will also be a great way to set an example. Even pets enjoy it. Look yourself in the mirror, take a good and loving look at you and your surrounding and picture the way you need things to be and how to become what you deserve.

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