Six Benefits of Iconic Skin Tightening Laser at TM Medical Aesthetics

Janiqueel looks at the all-In-one Iconic Skin Tightening Laser at TM Medical Aesthetics and declares it fast, easy, and effective.

Skincare is so much more important than makeup. Makeup is for when you’re having fun and going out. But your skin is forever. 

Halima Aden

TM Medical Aesthetics knows skin. The practitioners know what to do to solve many common skin issues. They know, too, that their clients are busy and want the best solutions without undue time spent before, during, and after the procedure. Addressing their clients needs. TM Medical Aesthetics introduces a remarkable new technology, the Iconic Skin Tightening Laser. From a boatload of benefits, I’ve chosen SIX that are most pertinent to me and that I think will help others., as well. 

Minimally invasive, the procedure uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to minimize unsightly veins, wrinkles and scars while it firms the skin and smooths out tiny lines. Requiring little or no post-treatment downtime clients can step out the door of TM Medical Aesthetics’ swanky suite in Novena, have a bite and a sip, and get ready to GLOW with new radiant confidence.

Here are SIX ways Iconic Skin Tightening Laser at TM Medical Aesthetics can help:

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Reducing Spider Veins, especially on the legs and face

They are annoying, pernicious, and a sign of age. That’s the bad news. The good is that they can be controlled and virtually eliminated with Iconic Skin Tightening Laser.  You might feel some superficial warmth as the lasers do their good work. Not to worry, that’s the IPL working to hide those spider lines. Gentle and soothing, the warmth won’t harm your skin. On the contrary, your skin is being renewed and vitalized with each treatment. Thanks to the “Advanced Contact Cooling” mechanism in Iconic Skin Tightening Laser, your skin is protected.

Reducing Lines and Wrinkles

Like spider veins, lines and wrinkles start out tiny and, over time, grow larger and more unsightly. By generating new tissue continuing collagen and elastin, Iconic Skin Tightening Laser helps skin to gain suppleness and elasticity resulting in a softer, fresher younger appearance. Many clients notice the positive difference after the first session. Subsequent visits to TM Aesthetics will maximize the benefits. Laugh lines? Keep smiling and laughing lasers are here to keep you looking young.

Replacing scar tissue caused by acne and surgery

Typically these prominent scars respond especially well to Icon Skin Tightening Laser. Just as they act on more minor skin abnormalities, the twin lasers use their energy to break down even these tough scar tissues. Again, collagen and elastin replace tough tissue giving your skin the opportunity to repair itself. It may look like a miracle. It isn’t. It is science and technology harnessed to help you look better.

Smoothing and evening out skin texture

All factors in uneven skin texture, sun damage, blemishes, scars, and wrinkles are part of the treatments explained above. Sometimes these effects are so subtle, we don’t notice them at first. Over time, though, they become more of a problem. The skin has been damaged. It can be repaired. Iconic Skin Tightening Laser can do it.

Removing unwanted hair

As we know, shaving and waxing can become tedious. Removing unwanted hair in the efficient Iconic Skin Tightening Laser eliminates the need for these old-fashioned solutions. Destroying hair follicles can stop or greatly reduce the growth of unwanted hair on legs, underarms, bikini areas, and other trouble spots. Once you’ve tried a session or two, you may not have to shave as frequently or ever. So smoooooth!

Kissing downtime goodbye

In most cases, clients are in and out of TM Aesthetics in less than an hour.  Obviously, that’s a big benefit when you consider other procedures that require way too much of your time. Stop into TM Medical Aesthetics for a few minutes, then jump back into your work-life or leisure having invested a minimal amount of time of maximum benefits.

That’s what Iconic Skin Tightening Laser at TM Aesthetics is all about. 

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