Pillow Talk OraFlex the Adjustable Bamboo Pillow

No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow. 

Lin Yutang

Just when I thought I knew all about pillows and which were best for me — I discovered ORAFLEX, a whole new concept in the world of pillows. Conceptualized in Singapore, designed in Thailand with materials sourced in China, the pillow is a new sleep idea with stunning attributes all designed to give you a sounder, healthier, more restful sleep. The more I read about OraFlex, the more excited I became about the concept.

Adaptable, I thought, to most pillows I still have my favourites. Firm, but not rock-hard. Able to adapt to reading, sleeping, or breakfast in bed. With a breathable case because I sweat almost every night. Easily washable. Durable. Finding all these traits in one pillow is not so easy.

What attracted me to OraFlex were these attributes:

  • Infused with thousands of beads of MEMORY FOAM, the pillow conforms to your body and sleep habits. Too firm? Remove some foam. Too soft? Add foam. Made with formaldehyde-free, mercury lead-free and flame retardants, the manufacturing process gives a quiet peace of mind as you doze.
  • Wicking moisture away from the sleeper, the bamboo cover is a natural benefit for those, like me, who wake sweaty most nights. Made to meet OEKO-TEX standards, the hypoallergenic cover comes in two handsome textures – Modern 3-D Weaving and Classic Stitchery. Both sides are soft and help keep you DRY throughout the night (or day, for nappers like me!).
  • Surrounded by a 360° Venting Mesh that provides for air circulation within the pillow. Now, that is a brand new idea, right? The moving air helps to reduce odours and keep your head cool, Baby.
  • With a 2-inch gusset, including the generous vents, the pillow provides great loft which means valuable support for your spine and head and an even distribution of the Memory foam beads.
  • Shipped with a drawstring bag containing an extra 200g of foam, you can be sure that you have enough for years of softness permutations.

For me, the pillows many attributes made it a “must-order”. I like everything about it, but the QUAD-VENTILATION™ was the game-changer for this sleeper. 

  • The breathable BAMBOO FABRIC;
  • The expandable 2” GUSSET;
  • The gel-infused MEMORY FOAM;
  • The 360° venting mesh.

With a warehouse in Singapore and Thailand, shipping is fast, easy, and FREE. When you receive your sleep companion, register for a five-year warranty with Ora Bedding

I have ordered TWO!

You can visit www.orabedding.com for more information.

Research and Writing help from JKJ.

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