How to use Charlie Banana laundry soap

If you’ve been thinking about using cloth diapers, you’re probably feeling a little overwhelmed. I mean, where does one begin? With the sheer number of brands, and the different types of diapers within each of those brands, a decision doesn’t exactly stare you in the face.

How soon you wash your diapers, the type of washing machine you have, the age of the washing machine, the type of soap you use, the monthly sanitizing of the loader, the type of water you have will make a BIG difference. 

You don’t need cloth diaper from day one – I started using when Mr C is 2 months old.  And my neighbor, who’s on baby No. 2 just made the switch last month, too. 

Newborn baby C needed to be changed every 1-2 hours; therefore I needed plenty of diapers in my rotation. I preferred to have fewer diapers and wash daily, and the ease of having more diapers and spreading out the washes. Washing diapers sooner than later is better.

Here is what I do with Mr C Charlie Banana cloth diapers:

Do not use hot water or bleach and tumble dry if using a dryer. If you use hot water or bleach, the lamination of the diaper will not last and the elastics will loose its elasticity.

For stains you can sun bleach your diapers or use non-chlorine bleach if you need to. A little lemon juice on the stain before sun bleaching can also naturally do the trick.

For sanitation dry the diapers into sun. Sun has a bleaching effect, white vinegar as well. Sprinkle the vinegar on the diaper and soak it in the wet diaper pail.

For smell soak your diapers in white vinegar and baking soda and you can use these in the rinsing cycle as well. It works wonderfully – pour to 1 cup of vinegar into wet diaper pail and pre-soak the diapers or just pour it straight into the washing machine’s softener’s compartment before starting the wash. Or you can add a couple tablespoons of baking soda to the softener’s compartment.

Don’t use too much detergent – it is very important to carefully follow the diaper washing instructions. This is particularly relevant for the first time users as they transition from common detergents to the ones which leave no residue. Previous residue needs to be washed-off first before the new detergent can be used efficiently.

Storing diapers before the wash
I use either wet or dry pail for storing dirty diapers before throwing them into washing machine. If using wet pail, simply fill it up with water only – pre-soak diapers with soap is not neccessary. On occasion I add a little vinegar if there are any ammonia problems.

Do not use diaper rash cream, fabric softener when using / washing cloth diapers. It makes your diaper repel the liquid. If you must use an ointment please use our disposable inserts and lay it on top of the fleece. The cream will not be in contact with the fabric and will not affect your diaper absorbency.


How do you wash your cloth diapers? Share with us in the comment below!

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