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Janiqueel tries on masks that shout verve and style.

The irony of life is that those who wear masks often tell us more truths than those with open faces.

Marie Lu, The Rose Society

Covetella is a premier dress and gowns rental supplier in Singapore. It made sense, then, that when Covetella crossed over and went into the face mask business, the name “Maskela” was a natural fit. Ten months ago, before our lives had changed so drastically, who would have thought that, before 2020 was done, we would all be wearing face masks everywhere? Honestly, I don’t think any of us would have foreseen the wacky future in which we now live. I wouldn’t have.

Still abundant, the generic and effective clinical white and blue masks are probably still the most seen face protection, but once masks became omnipresent, we all (yes, even Janiqueel) knew that masks with more colour and sass would be coming soon. They are here and maskela is at the vanguard of a fashion trend that is also a vital health necessity.

Are seven types of masks enough for you? Bridal, Silk, Cotton, Satin, Brocased, Sequin, and Couture. Within each collection, you’ll find a plethora of colours and patterns to choose from. For Janiqueel – no shrinking violet even behind her mask – it had to be sequins. Sparkly and attention-grabbing, my purplish-grey choice is perfect for an evening out at a favourite restaurant or bar where I will not doff it until my drink and/or food arrives – I promise. 

Surprisingly the sequins do not weight the mask down nearly as much as I thought they might. In fact, it’s one of the best-fitting maks that I have. To complement the masks, Maskela offers a variety (I counted 29!) of styles and materials that easily attach to the mask side strings and really make a fashion statement.  

Importantly, Maskela also has a stock of mask filters (for any of the styles) and an essential oil mask sanitizer. Easy to tuck into your out-and-about bag, the oil is easy to carry around and freshen up your mask – and you!- while you explore the town.

If you just can’t decide which style or colour is the one for you, you might consider one of the Maskela bundles. You’ll find Sakura, Thai Silk, Dragon, Matte Satin, Batik, and eight more for your selection. You’ll be spoiled for choice. Remember the masks are small and easily packable, so you can bring several along on your outings and smile proudly behind your lovely covering. Not enough choice? Especially now as the autumn moon smiles from on high, you’ll want to look at the Mini Mooncake bundles – the Imperial the Majestic, and the Royal. “Take your mask collection to the next level and never have to wear a mismatched mask with your outfit again.”

Carol Chen, the founder of Maskela, points out that for every mask purchased, a donation is made to Migrant Worker Centre, Reach community, UN Woman, or The Environmental Defence Fund. So, feel good as you look great wearing that fashion mask!

Hop over to Maskela!

Research and writing help from JKJ

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