My Skincare Regime for combination skin with LANEIGE Water Bank Line

Water Bank Line

Laneige have different lines of skincare products that distinguish what skin concern they are targeting and the Water Bank Essence_EX is just one product in their Water Bank line.

Products include: 3 types of moisturisers to fit different skin types (gel cream – combination/oily, moisture cream – normal/dry, intense cream – very dry), an eye cream, face mask, mineral skin mist and this essence.

This line is extremely popular among young women across Asia and focuses on deep hydration and moisture for the skin. Asian women in particular have a weaker skin barrier than other ethnicities which means skin losing moisture more easily and becoming dry. Laneige have attempted to find a solution to this problem through their Water Bank products that feature Hydro-ion mineral water.

Natural Ion Mineral is extracted from the superfood quinoa. This mineral complex is small enough to restore moisture by penetrating deep into the skin and strengthening the skin barrier to protect against more moisture loss.

The Water Bank Essence comes in a glass bottle with a pump and cap. It dispenses just the right amount of product and I use two pumps for my face and neck  after cleansing and toning. It has a clean, refreshing scent. Nothing overpowering. It has a runny gel texture that is easily absorbed by the skin. I love how my skin feels moisturized and dewy after I use the essence.
This product makes use of botanical extracts to boost its hydration effects. The essence consists of Hydro-ion mineral water which are small ionised minerals that help to control moisture within the skin. This natural ion mineral is extracted from quinoa and it has amazing restorative effects. This essence formula also consists of micro-sized olive oil to help retain moisture as well as Tillandsia extract, which is a source of natural moisturising factor (NMF), betaine.

Why do we need a sleeping mask?

During daytime your skin experiences a lot of stress and disruption due to reduced amounts of moisture and being exposed to many harmful factors and impurities such as pollution, UV rays, bacteria, weather etc. Even feeling stressed and what you eat impacts the skin condition. All these things contribute to skin looking dull and dry, increased sensitivity, blemishes, redness and premature ageing.

Laneige carried out a 15 year study on what goes on with skin during the night and their results discovered the need for sleeping care products that would purify the skin overnight to make it clear, glowing and moisturised. When you sleep at night, the skin has increased absorption capabilities and is able to rest and recharge. This is why people say a good night’s sleep is the secret to well-rested skin. However, skin loses a lot of moisture if nothing is applied. Therefore, having good skincare at night is important to restore and recover the skin condition the following morning because the skin is able to benefit and absorb more from what you are giving it.

For application, after your night skincare routine, take adequate amount of mask using the spatula. Gently apply on the face in the direction of skin texture, starting from inside of the face and working outward in an upward movement. Then leave it overnight, and wash your face the next morning.

It is not sticky at all as it is a gel which is the best type of those oily skin. It’s light so sleeping with it is comfortable and also a bit cool so you could feel your skin relaxing.


Water Bank Eye Gel

For application, I pat it gently below my eye with my ring finger. I do advise that you use your ring finger for under-eye application as this portion of your skin is the easiest to wrinkle because it is much thinner. I use a very small amount after my serum, as a little goes a very long way with this product. The skin under my eyes stays soft and moisturized for a much longer time and does not feel rough to the touch. 
This product claims to retain the skin’s natural moisture for up to 12 hours. I cannot say it lasts exactly 12 hours, but I find that when I wake up  (after about 6-8 hours sleep), my skin is not dry at all – more of soft to the touch and definitely not oily.
The product takes about 10 minutes to absorb fully. As it is a gel and not a cream I don’t find it as heavy, which is great as sometimes creams tend to break me out despite my oily/combination skin needing the moisture. It is quite sticky to the touch once spread, and comes across as quite oily, so I would recommend this for night time use only. It also has a slight cooling effect which I really like.
Based on 2 months of use, I can say that the Laneige Water Bank line does provide moisture and hydration. It’s perfect for summer because the products don’t feel heavy or sticky. I would recommend this for younger girls who would like to prevent fine lines caused by dryness but not for mature skin as it doesn’t provide long-lasting hydration. It may also work on sensitive skin as I did not break out from using these products.
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