Pertapis Children Home Visit and Donation!

Founded with the belief to go the extra mile for the less fortunate, isShoe Singapore chanced upon the opportunity to do a donation of shoe rack to the children at the Pertapis Home when Nurul ‘Ain Bte Mohammed Kassim (Mdm), Deputy Head of Pertapis Children’s Home voiced that the children needed shoe racks for their newly refurbished rooms in their home at 993B Kovan Road (off Yio Chu Kang Road).

On the first visit, Andrey and Wan Ching(our company representatives) spent the time to go on an excursion and tour around the placed guided by Nurul’Ain herself. Shared by Nurul’Ain, the Pertapis Children’s Home shelters about 100 children ranging from the age of 4 to 16(or slightly older). The recent renovation aims to provide better comfort and facilities for the children as an upgrade from the past! 

PCH Vision
Nurturing today’s children for a better tomorrow

PCH Mission
Working towards reintegration through positive learning

PCH Core Values
HOPE (Honesty, Optimism, Perseverance and Endurance)

During the first visit it was about the start of Ramadan too where Muslims have to go through fasting from sun rise to sun set and they will not consume any food or water during this time. It is definitely one of the tougher period for these children as they are still trying to battle hunger and thirst while keeping in course with their religion! We admire the courage and discipline of these children that have strictly adhered to the rules of their practice during this period. Here is a short write up and basic informative illustration to share on what Ramadan is about for Muslims:

This piece of information is free for use to be disseminated to all our friends and family as we wish for others to understand that during this period, all of us have to be empathetic to our fellow Muslim friends are going through fasting and we cannot expect them to continue normal daily life where we can drink water as and when we want. It is also best to be considerate to not eat in front of our Muslim friends as it may offend them indirectly. Of course, there are exceptions when a Muslim does not have to fast and that is when either they are very young or that a lady is going through her monthly period.

As a part of charity, isShoe Singapore wishes every Muslim friends a blessed Ramadan!

We also wish to inform all our customers that we will donate part of our proceeds from all sales with a 10% discount code for this Hari Raya! Apply “Pertapis10” for a 10% discount and this 10% will be donated to Pertapis Children’s Home!

PERTAPIS Children’s Home
993B Kovan Road (off Yio Chu Kang Road)
Singapore 545676

Phone: (+65) 6383 0914
Fax: (+65) 6383 0913
isSHOE –

Shoe Rack –

As we quote Pertapis Children’s Home, “a House is made of Bricks and Beams, but a Home is made of Hopes and Dreams”.

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